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Non-Western Identity. Research and Perspectives

Acar Y. G., Adams B. G., Galyapina V. N. et al.

Switzerland: Springer, 2021.

Existential Wellbeing, Mental Health, and COVID-19: Reconsidering the Impact of Lockdown Stressors in Moscow

Klimochkina A., Nekhorosheva E. V., Kasatkina D. A.

Psychology in Russia: State of the Art. 2022. Vol. 15. No. 2. P. 14-31.

Book chapter
‘Escape Route’, ‘Constant Reboot’ and ‘Tamagotchi’ as triumvirate of phubbing

Maksimenko A., Deyneka O. S.

In bk.: Abstracts of the 7th International Conference on Behavioral Addictions. Vol. 11. Iss. 1. Nottingham, United Kingdom, 2022. Ch. MT-2G6. P. 312-312.

Working paper
The Influence of Happiness and Anxiety on Emotional Stroop Effect

Martynova E., Shakirova S. A., Lyusin D.

Psychology. PSY. Высшая школа экономики, 2022. No. 131.


VI Summer School "Designing Feasible Cross-Cultural Research: Sampling and Procedure"

From 9 to 12 June 2016, VI Summer School "Designing Feasible Cross-Cultural Research: Sampling and Procedure" was held outside Moscow, organized by the International Research and Teaching Laboratory for Socio-Cultural Research of the Expert Institute at HSE. The headline teachers at the school were the leading researchers known across the world: Fons van de Vijver (PhD, Professor, Tilburg University) and Klaus Boehnke (PhD, Professor, Jacobs University, Bremen).

Year 2016 graduation for "Applied Social Psychology" students

7th and 8th of June were the determinant point for the 2014-2016 year students of Applied Social Psychology program – these two days were devoted to the final defenses of Master’s theses. After two years of theoretical and empirical research and two preliminary defenses, all of the fourteen works received excellent grades, and their authors – a degree of Master of Science.

Jon Rawski tells about two years at HSE and his future plans….

Jon Rawski tells about two years at HSE and his future plans….
Jon Rawski is a Master student at the Higher School of Economics. He will attend a Ph.D. Program at the Department of Linguistics Stony Brook University, New York USA.

Post-Docs Research at HSE

Tatjana Kanonire received her PhD in Psychology from University of Latvia in Psychology. She joined HSE two years ago.  First, she spent a year at the International Research and Teaching Laboratory for Socio-Cultural Research.  Since October 2015 she has been working at the Centre for Education Quality Monitoring of the Institute of Education.  Tatjana has talked to The HSE Look about her research interests and teaching activities at HSE.

Three HSE Journals to Be Indexed by Scopus

Three HSE journals — Public Administration Issues (Voprosy Gosudarstvennogo i Munitsypal’nogo Upravleniya), Psychology. Journal of the Higher School of Economics (Psychologiya. Zhurnal Vysshey Shkoly Economiki) and The Russian Sociological Review (Sociologicheskoye Obozreniye) — are to be indexed by Scopus. The editorial boards of these journals have already been officially notified by Elsevier.

‘Growing a Person-Centered Society in Europe’, Symposium in Switzerland

From April 15 th  -17 th , 2016, a symposium entitled ‘Growing a Person-Centered Society in Europe’ took place in Lausanne. It was organized by the Network of European Associations for Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling (PCE Europe). Veniamin Kolpachnikov, Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology of Personality, who participated in the symposium, shared some details about the event.

Prof. Kimmo Alho gave two lectures

Prof. Kimmo Alho from University of Helsinki gave two lectures about Finnish research of the brain activity associated with voluntary and involuntary attention and dual tasking.

Russians Have Low Trust in Domestic Clothing Brands

Despite the recent arrival of new domesic brands in the clothing market, many Russians remain loyal to imports. However, using foreign-sounding brand names does not help Russian companies, according to Natalia Antonova, Associate Professor of the Department of Organizational Psychology and Head of the Psychology of Consumer Behavior Research and Study Group, and students of the HSE Department of Organizational Psychology Ajay Kumar, Maria Soloreva and Veronika Morozova, members of the Study Group.

HSE Moves Closer to the City Centre

HSE Moves Closer to the City Centre
This year, many students and staff of HSE in Moscow will change the location of their study and work. Instead of some sites in districts on the outskirts of the sity, the university is using buildings in the centre. In addition to that, faculty departments which are now scattered in various parts of the city will move closer to each other. This will allow lecturers and students to spend less time commuting.

International Exchange of Ideas and Practice in Psychology

Dr. Virginia Moreira visited HSE in late January-early February 2016 at the invitation of the Department of Psychology of Personality (School of Psychology of the Faculty of Social Sciences), and taught several classes at the Master’s Programme 'Consulting Psychology. Personology'.