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Third-party Intervention Strategies in Solving Interpersonal Conflicts: a Review of Russian and Foreign Studies

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Book chapter
Conversion disorders In print

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Working paper
Event-related potential study of P2 and N2 components on fast and slow responses in the auditory condensation task

Chernyshev B. V., Medvedev V.

PSYCHOLOGY. WP BRP. Издательский дом НИУ ВШЭ, 2016

About the School

The School promotes cutting-edge research, multidisciplinary studies, education in English. We are increasing the number of courses in English all the time and have started two English-speaking Master’s Programs. Our researchers have access to Eye trackers, TMSmulti-channel EEGMEG and fMRI techniques.

The School also aims to train psychologists, who can apply their knowledge in the fields of economics, banking, human resources management, organizational development and team-building.

Scientists Reveal Relationship between Perfectionism and Insomnia

Researchers from the Higher School of Economics, Northumbria and Oxford universities have found that perfectionism combined with increased anxiety can lead to sleep disturbances.

HSE Researchers Uncover Why Morning People Should Not Work at Night

It has been known for a long time that early risers work less efficiently at night than night owls do. But researchers from the Higher School of Economics and Oxford University have uncovered new and distinctive features between the night activities of these two types of individuals. At night, early risers demonstrate a quicker reaction time when solving unusual attention-related tasks than night owls, but these early risers make more mistakes along the way.

Lecture by Professor Julia Kovas on How Education and Genes Are Related

Professor of Goldsmiths University of London and co-head of British psychogenetic laboratory Yulia Kovas has given a talk "Behavioural genetics in education" in the Centre for cognition and decision making.

HSE to Participate in NAUKA 0+ Festival

This year’s NAUKA 0+ festival aims to turn science into something anyone can grasp. At the festival, various laboratories and universities open their doors to anyone and everyone with an interest in science and research. What will people learn about HSE at the festival? What new things will they see and discover? Let’s find out!

Pets Can Help Families Deal with Relationship Problems

Getting a pet when your child is going through a challenging developmental stage can be a good idea, a recent study suggests.

HSE and the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences cooperate in new EU-funded PhD fellowship program

BIGSSS–departs (doctoral education in partnerships) is a full-time international PhD program co-funded by the European Union. It provides close supervision of dissertation work in a demand-tailored education and research environment at the University of Bremen and Bremen’s Jacobs University.

VI Summer School "Designing Feasible Cross-Cultural Research: Sampling and Procedure"

From 9 to 12 June 2016, VI Summer School "Designing Feasible Cross-Cultural Research: Sampling and Procedure" was held outside Moscow, organized by the International Research and Teaching Laboratory for Socio-Cultural Research of the Expert Institute at HSE. The headline teachers at the school were the leading researchers known across the world: Fons van de Vijver (PhD, Professor, Tilburg University) and Klaus Boehnke (PhD, Professor, Jacobs University, Bremen).

Year 2016 graduation for "Applied Social Psychology" students

7th and 8th of June were the determinant point for the 2014-2016 year students of Applied Social Psychology program – these two days were devoted to the final defenses of Master’s theses. After two years of theoretical and empirical research and two preliminary defenses, all of the fourteen works received excellent grades, and their authors – a degree of Master of Science.

Jon Rawski tells about two years at HSE and his future plans….

Jon Rawski is a Master student at the Higher School of Economics. He will attend a Ph.D. Program at the Department of Linguistics Stony Brook University, New York USA.

Post-Docs Research at HSE

Tatjana Kanonire received her PhD in Psychology from University of Latvia in Psychology. She joined HSE two years ago.  First, she spent a year at the International Research and Teaching Laboratory for Socio-Cultural Research.  Since October 2015 she has been working at the Centre for Education Quality Monitoring of the Institute of Education.  Tatjana has talked to The HSE Look about her research interests and teaching activities at HSE.