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Intraoral Endoscopic Ligation of Maxillary Artery in the Infratemporal Fossa

Polev G., Carrau R., Golbin D. et al.

Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. 2019. Vol. 30. No. 1. P. 137-140.

Book chapter
CoordsFinder - software tool for systematic search for brain coordinates of interest for area-based meta-analyses

Novikov P., Arsalidou M.

In bk.: 2018 Neuroscience Meeting Planner. San Diego, CA: Society for Neuroscience, 2018. Online.. San Diego: Society for Neuroscience, 2018.

Working paper
Efforful verb recollection drives beta suppression in mesial frontal regions involved in action initiation

Butorina A., Nikolaeva A. Y., Prokofyev A. O. et al.

BioRxiv. New Results. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2018

On Campus – News

Where to Have a Snack around the School of Psychology?

Now you can learn it from the interactive map, which was prepared by first and third year students of  the School of Psychology. They have collected a lot of information about the cafes and restaurants located around our building (4/2 Armenian Pereulok).

All Cultures Day at the School of Psychology

On December 21st  Master's programme in Applied Social Psychology organized the 4th annual All Cultures Day at the School of Psychology. International students from many faculties and schools, including Preparatory year students, gathered to celebrate HSE’s multicultural environment and the Russian New Year.

HSE Moves Closer to the City Centre

This year, many students and staff of HSE in Moscow will change the location of their study and work. Instead of some sites in districts on the outskirts of the sity, the university is using buildings in the centre. In addition to that, faculty departments which are now scattered in various parts of the city will move closer to each other. This will allow lecturers and students to spend less time commuting.

International Exchange of Ideas and Practice in Psychology

Dr. Virginia Moreira visited HSE in late January-early February 2016 at the invitation of the Department of Psychology of Personality (School of Psychology of the Faculty of Social Sciences), and taught several classes at the Master’s Programme 'Consulting Psychology. Personology'.

‘I Like Working in the University’

Tadamasa Sawada is a specialist in the psychology of visual perception at HSE. He has recently talked to the online magazine The Village about everyday Moscow, cultural differences, and doing research in Russia.

Making a Machine That Sees Like Us

Tadamasa Sawada, Assistant Professor at the School of Psychology, spoke to The HSE LooK about his research. We wish our new colleague a great beginning at the HSE!

Journal Club at the Centre for Cognition and Decision Making

Discussing research whether it’s your own work or someone else’s project is a big part of academic life. International professors, postdocs and students are often those who initiate and take an active part in these discussions at HSE. Marco Colosio, a PhD student at the Centre for Cognition and Decision Making heads the Journal Club where researchers, graduate and undergraduate students present and critique recent publications in cognitive neuroscience and neuroeconomics literature. “Our goal is to have a comfortable atmosphere in which everyone can openly share ideas and learn from each other”, announced the club’s moderator in an email last year. Marco Colosio shared his thoughts on running the Journal Club with The HSE Look.

'Media Often Sensationalize Findings'

Marie Arsalidou joined HSE in September 2014 as Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Arsalidou speaks to The HSE LooK about her research projects and work plans.

'I Felt Welcomed and This Is Important': interview with Matteo Feurra in the HSE LooK

We welcome aboard Matteo Feurra, who joined HSE in September 2014 as Assistant Professor at the School of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences. Dr. Feurra spoke to The HSE LooK about his research and work plans.

'I am excited to be on the ground floor of this long-term project'

Marco Colosio, M.Sc., the first foreigner PhD student in the Centre for Cognition and Decision Making, came to Moscow three weeks ago. In this brief interview Marco tells about his scientific interests, background and first impression about Moscow and CDM-Centre.