Faculty of Social Sciences

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The Faculty of Social Sciences is one of the most multidisciplinary faculties at HSE

We train researchers, analysts and practitioners, sociologists, political scientists, psychologists and managers, as well as specialists in education, demographics, public policy, civil society, etc.

The faculty’s educational programmes combine fundamental and applied approaches. Our students enjoy professional independence and opportunities to develop in education and research.


On March 12, HSE University will hold a university-wide Open Day for prospective students of bachelor’s and specialist programmes. The event will be held in the Pokrovka Building and will feature presentations by faculties and campuses, a talk by the Admissions Office, activities from student organisations, a tour of the university’s historical buildings and much more. Those interested in attending must register in advance.
February 13
HSE's School of Psychology is launching a new CPD programme ‘Plurilingual Intercultural Creative Keys’ (PICK). The programme was specially developed by the HSE Laboratory for Linguistic, Intercultural and Creative Competencies and is based on the innovative PICK training system designed to improve the skills of school teachers and tutors, as well as parents involved in teaching their children at home. The programme will be taught in Russian.
January 12
There were five global waves comprising of 125 revolutions
December 08, 2022

About the Faculty of Social Sciences

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