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Almanac of the Fourth Scientific and Practical Conference "Business Psychology: Theory and Practice", November 16-19, 2017.

Talking Frankly About KPI

It is just recently that HSE Faculty of Social Sciences has been — without any festivities — recognized as the best according to KPI-2016 evaluation and the only one “exceeding expectations” (a year earlier we were just “matching expectations”). Moreover, we have for the first time been ranked among the top-100 according to QS Ranking by Subject in Sociology, and in Politics & International Studies. All of this is the achievement of our academic staff and has already brought us additional resources, which can be used for the faculty’s further development. And yet, this is also a good reason to think about the pros and cons of the entire KPI system. We bring to your attention the article of the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Andrew Melville, published in the autumn issue of HERB (Higher Education in Russian and Beyond) journal.

International Sociology Seminar Focuses on Social Movements

On October 19, the HSE School of Sociology hosted Dr. Kerstin Jacobsson, Professor of Sociology at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden), for a seminar entitled ‘Emotions and Morality in a neo-Durkheimian Perspective on Social Movements’. Held as part of the International Sociology Seminar Series, Dr. Jacobsson’s talk was based on the book Animal Rights Activism: A Moral-Sociological Perspective on Social Movements (co-authored with Jonas Lindblom), which develops a novel theoretical perspective on social movements. Following her lecture, she spoke with the HSE News Service about some of the key findings in her research on social movements, including as they relate to the post-Soviet space.

Time to Nominate: 9th HSE Alumni Awards

Time to Nominate: 9th HSE Alumni Awards
The 2017 HSE Alumni Awards will shortly be open for nominations. The awards were founded in 2007 to recognise HSE graduates who have achieved professional success in the corporate sphere or their own businesses. Over the years, the winners have included Maxim Oreshkin, Russian Minister of Economic Development, Ilya Azar and Tonia Samsonova, journalists, Ksenia Mokrushina, Director of the Centre of Urban Studies at Skolkovo Moscow School of Management, and Vladimir Potapov, CEO at VTB Capital, among others.

HSE Improves Position in THE Subject Rankings

The Higher School of Economics has entered the Times Higher Education rankings by subject in two categories, Business & Economics (101-125 group), and Social sciences (176-200 group), showing the best result among schools that participate in Project 5-100 in these areas.

HSE Public Administration Programmes Become the First in Russia to Receive International Recognition

HSE BA and MA programmes in public administration have received European accreditation by the EAPAA.

Research Paper Competition Winners Can Get a Headstart on Their Academic Careers

The application period for HSE’s Student Research Paper Competition has started. The winners will have an opportunity to take part in workshops on academic skills development, while those in state-financed studies will improve their chances of seeing their academic scholarships increased. Also, in addition in HSE students, learners from other academic institutions are eligible for this competition.

HSE Book Series Published by Springer

Springer, one of the world's leading publishers of scientific literature, has launched a new book series, entitled ‘Societies and political orders in transition’. The series has been initiated by the HSE Faculty of Social Sciences, and three HSE representatives are members of the series International Advisory Board, with the other four members coming from universities in Germany, UK and the USA.

HSE Team Wins International Hackathon with BCI Game

HSE Team Wins International Hackathon with BCI Game
A team of post-graduate students and researchers from the HSE Centre for Cognition & Decision Making have invented a multiplayer BCI game, which is won by the player who best controls a robot with their mind.

Graduation Ceremony 2017

Graduation Ceremony 2017
The final days of the academic calendar at HSE include a range of activities that serve as the culmination of a learning marathon that each student, regardless of discipline or programme, has worked hard to complete.  The Department of Public Policy’s international Master’s programme saw its own marathon come to an end with a graduation ceremony on June 29. An unforgettable event for both students and faculty members, the graduation ceremony saw students awarded with diplomas in recognition of their readiness for the world as professionals well equipped with the skills to function in an increasingly globalized world.