Scientists From HSE Awarded New Grants from RSF

The Russian Science Foundation has announced the most recent winners of three-year grants for scientific research. Among the recipients are a number of projects carried out by scientists at the Higher School of Economics.

In total, 3654 applications were submitted to the competition entitled ‘Fundamental and Exploratory Scientific Research by Individual Scientific Groups’. After a rigorous selection process, the RSF decided to fund 525 of the projects, including 9 from HSE.

The winning projects from HSE are listed below:

  • Automorphisms of algebraic varieties, supervisor: Yuri Prokhorov
  • Homological bases of noncommutative algebraic geometry, supervisor: Dmitry Kaledin
  • Income inequality, heterogeneity of tastes and the structure of the economic space: the impact of the heterogeneity of society on economic systems, supervisor: Jacques-François Thisse
  • Quantitative analysis and forecasting of risks of socio-political destabilization in countries in the Afro-Asian macrozone of instability, supervisor: Andrey Korotayev
  • Social foundations of the ‘conservative turn’ in European and Russian politics (based on the materials of the World Values ​​Research), supervisor: Hanspeter Kriesi
  • Competitiveness and development of Russian business on the basis of intellectual resources, supervisor: Angel Barajas
  • The role of statistical properties of multiple objects in categorization and segmentation in the visual perception of a person, supervisor: Igor Utochkin
  • Value transformation and the subjective quality of life: a regional perspective, supervisor: Eduard Ponarin
  • Methods for ensuring compliance with the quality requirements for heterogeneous traffic in fifth and subsequent generations of wireless networks, supervisor: Yevgeni Koucheryavy

Grants range from 4 to 6 million rubles annually. The projects are designed to continue for three years, with the option of extension for one or two years, as was the case with two HSE projects which won the competition in 2015. The projects ‘Empirical verification of the applicability of Russian multicultural policy in an international context’ (supervisor — Nadezhda Lebedeva) and ‘Creative fields of inter-ethnic interaction and youth cultural scenes of Russian cities’ (supervisor Elena Omelchenko) received extensions from the RSF.