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Research Seminars

28.03.2019 - 29.03.2019 "Gender and Governance International Conference at the University of Helsinki"
Participants: Marianna Muravyeva, Professor of the Faculty of Law of the University of Helsinki, Valeria Utkina, Senior Lecturer of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the HSE, and Olga Isupova, Associate Professor of the Institute of Demography of the HSE, students-members of the research group  

28.02.2019 "Institutional gender equality"
Speaker: Galina Mikhaleva, head of the gender faction of the Russian democratic party "Yabloko"; vice-chairman of the Moscow regional division of the party; professor at Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH); doctor of political sciences

09.02.2019 "Restrictions on employment in the civil service in the Russian Federation for young women"
Speaker: Susanna Gasparyan, 3-year bachelor student of the Public Administration department 

17.01.2019 “Women is the driving force of change. Politics”
Speaker: Alyona Popova, social activist

20.12.2018 "State feminism"
Speaker: Alina Efimova, RSG participant

"Stereotypes and prejudices about men"
Speaker: Vladislav Krivoschekov, invited lecturer at HSE

"Can you work for the government if you are not straight?" 
Speaker: Dmitry Tolkachev, analyst of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Anti-Corruption Policy

"Features of public service for women"
Speaker: Tatiana Yatsuk, a consultant for the department on improving public administration and evaluating the effectiveness of federal executive bodies of the Department of Civil Service and Personnel of the Government of the Russian Federation

12.10.2018 "Women and police service"
Speaker: Ekaterina Chemankova, RSG participant

"Discrimination in Russia and the United Kingdom"
Speaker: Anastasia Poretskova, a lecturer at HSE

Public Lecture of Research and Study Group at Sakharov Centre
Speakers: Olga IsupovaValeriya Utkina, Ekaterina Chemankova

"Women of the Middle East and their struggle"
Speaker: Vladislav Butenko, RUDN University

"Women in the civil/public service in Ghana: Analysis of challenges women face in career advancement
Speaker: Cornelia Ameyo Nyadroh, the 2nd year Master`s Degree student of "Comparative Social Research" programme

 "Female Factor in Perception of Corruption by Bureaucrats: List Experiment Results"
Speaker: Andrei A. Yakovlev, Tenured Professor, Director at Institute for Industrial and Market Studies

"The gender contract is not yet a balance: to conceptualize the balancing of family and work"
Speaker: Elena Yurievna Rozhdestvenskaya, Professor, Doctor of Sciences

"Women in Public Administration"
Speakers: Olga G. Isupova, PhD, Associate Professor, Senior Research Fellow, Head of Research Group; Valeriya Utkina, Senior Lecturer, Co-Head of Research Group

Seminar Abstract

"The gender contract is not yet a balance: to conceptualize the balancing of family and work"


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