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Internships, projects, expeditions

The Laboratory for Monitoring the Risks of Socio-Political Destabilization offers various options to involve students in our activities:

1. Internships in the Laboratory

2. Project Fair

The application is filled in at the end of August or in the beginning of an academic year at the website "Project Fair HSE"

Projects of 2021-2022 academic year:

- Modern Revolutions: Factors, Mechanisms and Forecasts (the head - Аndrey Korotayev);

- Global and Country-level Factors of Socio-Political Destabilization (the head - Andrey Korotayev);

- How to Predict Revolutions? Using Methods of Machine Learning to Predict Revolutionary Events (the head - Iliya Medvedev);

- How did Protests Start? Analysis of Various Factors of Instability (the head - Vadim Ustyuzhanin);

- Factors of Bloody Destabilization: Terrorism and Guerilla Acts (the head - Maksim Slav).

Projects of 2020-2021 academic year:

Field Islam Studies. Part 3. Processing the Data of Field Study (Field study - part 1; part 2).

Projects of 2019-2020 academic year

Arab Spring as a Trigger of Global Phase Change

Global, Regional and Country-level Factors of Socio-Political Destabilization

The Image of countries of the Middle East and Central Asia in Russia

Creating Database on Russian Federal Elites

Women in Public Space of Post-Soviet Regions

3. Expeditions:

Planned expeditions for 2022:

- Structure of alcohol consumption and socio-demographic risks in regions of Russia: the case of Komi Republic (part of “Discover Russia again” programme);

- Islamic education in the regions of Russia: the case of Bashkortostan Republic (part of “Open Russia” programme).


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