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Academic events - conferences, seminars, symposia and other scientific events organized by the Higher School of Economics or with the participation of the university.

The Scientific Committee of the FSS can allocate funds from the Academic Development Fund for events organized by departments and employees of the FSS, but not more than 500,000 rubles for the event. In the amount of financial support required for an event exceeds 500,000 rubles, the Scientific Committee may recommend the event for co-financing of the Commission for the consideration of applications for holding and / or financial support for academic events of the NRU HSE, and the Commission, in turn, has the right to accept the decision to finance the Event from the centralized funds of the Higher School of Economics in the amount that it considers appropriate.

Support and (co) financing of events at the Higher School of Economics is handled by the Event Organization Office

Preparation of the application

Before proceeding with the application, it is necessary to appoint an employee responsible for coordinating the event, who will prepare documents for launching orders (using systems СДОУ|СЭД), draw up documents for procurement procedures, pay invoices, etc., as well as prepare reports for the Scientific Committee of the FSS and compliance with the Regulations for recording events. For international events it is highly recommended to have a Russian-speaking employee as the event coordinator.

When submitting applications for 2021, it is necessary to indicate the format of participation for invited guests or other participants - online, offline or mixed.

Instructions for holding an offline event

Instructions for running an online event


The estimate (смета) is made according to the template. Attention: funds for academic developments (allotted by the Scientific Committee) can only be used for items of expenditure indicated in the estimate (see form in the next section), in the specified amount.

The same items of expenditure, as well as some others, may be financed from the funds of the HSE Commission, as indicated in its regulations (see Regulations).

For articles that cannot be funded by the Scientific Committee or a commission of the Higher School of Economics, payment is possible from any other sources (own funds of the faculty or department, third-party grants, voluntary property earmarked contributions and donations, organizational fees, etc.).

Reimbursement for the above items of expenditure upon the acquisition / provision of the service (without prior approval of the estimate) is not allowed in any cases.

If the decision on the application was made by the Scientific Committee of the FSS, then the decision on full or partial redistribution of funds also is made by it.

Submission of an application to the Scientific Committee

The main application call is carried out at the beginning of a calendar year or at the end of the previous calendar year - for the next. Unscheduled applications are considered on an individual basis.

The application is submitted no later than 3 months before the start of the event.

To submit an application, you should send to the executive secretary of the Scientific Committee Andrei Kurbatov to avkurbatov@hse.ru completed forms:

ЗАЯВКА Научные мероприятия (DOCX, 18 Кб) 

СМЕТА Научные мероприятия (XLS, 46 Кб) 

Both documents are sent in two formats: as electronic files and as scans with signatures in PDF format.

Additional materials may be attached to the application, for example: a draft program, a list of participants, the composition of the program and organizing committees, information about key speakers, etc.

Submission of an application to the HSE Commission

In case of a positive decision of the Scientific Committee on the full financing of the event, the organizers of the event are recommended to contact the Department for the organization and support of events to obtain organizational support (see instructions).

If the Scientific Committee supported the application substantively, but additional funding is required (the application is partially supported, it is required to cover the items of expenses that cannot be financed from the PAR, or the amount of the application exceeds 500,000 rubles), the organizers should apply for additional funding to the Commission on consideration of applications for holding and / or financial support for scientific events of the NRU HSE. An extract on the decision of the Scientific Committee on this application is attached to the application.

From October 2020, applications to the Commission are submitted through a single personal account. Access to the ELC is carried out by login and password from corporate e-mail. When entering your personal account, you must select the "Administrative services" block, then "Coordination of events", then "Application for holding and / or co-financing of the event").

To submit an application, you first need to register an event, then fill out an estimate and send it through the approval process (An application with an estimate is sent for approval by the direct supervisor, after which it goes to the secretary of the Central Commission).

In the form of the estimate, you should select the required source of funding from the drop-down list, then the required expense item and fill in the values ​​in multipliers. The total amounts for each expense item and in general, the system will sum up automatically. At any stage of filling out the application, you can save it as a draft in your applications. Upon completion of filling, the application must be sent through the process.

The system has set up automatic notifications that will be sent to the Applicant's (Initiator's) e-mail specified in the application, displaying at what stage your application is.

For all questions regarding the organizational and / or financial support of the Commission, you should contact the Executive Secretary of the Commission Yulia Bulba at committee@hse.ru.


Within two weeks after the end of the event, it is necessary to send Andrei Kurbatov to avkurbatov@hse.ru a report in the following format:

ОТЧЕТ Научные мероприятия (XLS, 39 Кб) 

The report is sent in two formats: in the form of electronic files and in the form of scans with signatures in PDF format.

If the reporting requirement is not met, the Scientific Committee may not fund the organization of the conference next year,

Also, during the event and after its end, it is necessary to comply with the requirements of the Regulations for the accounting of scientific events.


Conferences supported by the decision of the Scientific Committee