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Project teams of scientific and teaching staff

A project group is an initiative association of employees and / or students of five or more permanent members to complete a certain project task with the achievement of a meaningful and understandable result. Projects can be very different, including fundamental or applied research, educational or publishing activities, educational or art projects, social activity projects, and other types of projects that the faculty itself will determine, taking into account the specifics of its activities. 

The Scientific Committee of the FSS is engaged in the selection and tracking of the work of project groups formed from scientific and pedagogical workers (NDT), with the possible participation of students. Groups consisting only of trainees (graduate students and students) are under the jurisdiction of the committee for the support of educational initiatives.


Criteria for the selection of project teams of teaching staff on the FSS

In addition to the criteria for a university-wide competition for project groups, the Scientific Committee of the FSS decided that in the selection of project teams, priority will be given to projects that meet the following criteria: 

  • projects corresponding to the priority areas of scientific development in the field of sociology, political sciences, psychology, state and municipal administration, enshrined in the HSE Development Program until 2030 (items 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.6, respectively);
  • interdisciplinary projects involving employees and students of several departments of the FSS;
  • projects involving young employees, graduate students and students;
  • projects aimed at the development of international scientific cooperation, the formation of original databases; able to provide synergy with existing and under development educational initiatives and projects; contributing to the introduction of modern digital infrastructure at the faculty for interdisciplinary research, project learning and applied development.

Reporting on the activities of project teams

The interim results of the project teams of workers are evaluated by the Scientific Committee twice a year: in December and in June. Project groups of students are assessed by the Committee for the Support of Educational Initiatives once a year - in December. 

  • The presentation of intermediate results by project managers takes two forms: a report and a short written report. 
  • A report (with a presentation) is presented by all project managers at faculty seminars specially organized for this purpose (in online or offline formats). Separate seminars are organized to present the results of project teams of workers and students. In addition to members of the Scientific Committee and the Commission for the Support of Educational Initiatives, heads of departments, members of the Academic Council are invited to participate in the seminars, for example, a completely open format with the invitation of all university employees.

A short written report is signed by the project manager. Attached to it are materials reflecting the work done.

The report and a short written report should include information on the following items:

a) Name of the project, leader and members of the project team;
b) The purpose and objectives of the project;
c) The work done for the reporting period in relation to the general schedule of the project, its purpose and objectives; specific results obtained;
d) Work on publications;
e) Further steps to achieve the goal of the project. 

In the process of evaluating intermediate results, the Scientific Committee and the Committee for the Support of Educational Initiatives have the right to request the opinions of experts (both from the staff of the NRU HSE and external ones). 

The Scientific Committee and the Committee for the Support of Educational Initiatives, no later than two weeks after receiving written reports and reports from the group leaders, hold a vote to support the extension of each of the projects. The results of voting are recorded in minutes. 

In case of a negative opinion of the Committees regarding the extension of the project, the final decision is made by the Dean of the Faculty.


Indication of the source of funding in publications

Publications prepared in the framework of scientific projects must contain the following link: 

РУС: Исследование реализовано при поддержке факультета социальных наук, Национальный исследовательский университет "Высшая школа экономики"

ENG: This research is supported by the Faculty of Social Sciences, HSE University.


Details on the activities of the project groups selected in 2020 can be wound on the project groups website.