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Incoming Mobility for International Staff

Application procedure for short-term visits by international staff

1. Only remuneration, transportation and accommodation costs may be included in a cost estimate. Visa and invitations fees, etc., CANNOT be covered. If you plan to pay remuneration to a foreign scholar, he/she must obtain a working visa (please note that this is not an easy thing to do). Furthermore, please remember to include the personal income tax at a rate of 30% + social security payments, coming to 27.1% (more details are provided here). 

2. Applications with budgets exceeding 150,000 roubles can also be considered by the University-wide Committee, provided as long as at least 30% of the total budget is co-financed (by the Faculty or relevant subdivision, from grant funds or other funding sources).

The given host subdivision/specialist/ department of the Faculty of Social Sciences will be responsible for all administrative arrangements related to the visits of international scholars (i.e., preparation, approval and execution of an agreement with a tour agency, as well as the preparation of a relevant directive, etc.,). Every month, the HSE Department of Internationalisation holds meetings on organizational issues for coordinators.

Please contact Leila Ashurova (lashurova@hse.ru) if you have any questions regarding the technicalities of application procedures at the Faculty of Social Sciences, or our colleagues from the International Staff Support Unit (visitingscholar@hse.ru) if you have questions related to University-wide staff mobility applications.

Submitting your application

1. Fill in an application form and have it signed by the subdivision head;

2. Get the foreign specialist’s consent with the terms and conditions of their visit to HSE (a scanned copy), as well as his/her CV;

3. Submit your application and supporting documents online.

List of required documents:

— application form

— consent form for non-Russian specialists;

— consent form for Russian specialists

Requirements to the application form:

Please fill in all fields of your application form in Russian. Pay special attention to the established goals and anticipated outcomes of the planned visit, the description of the type of cooperation with HSE intended for the visit, as well as the visiting scholar’s standing in the global academic community. Please also include a cost estimate for the visit, specifying the sources of co-financing (if any). 

Please note the following when drawing up a cost estimate:

Transportation costs

1. Travel destinations must include Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod or Perm, depending on the campus where the visit is being organized. Tickets may only be booked to/from one of the aforementioned locations.

2. The cost of air tickets cannot exceed the fixed limits, pursuant to the approved budget. However, if the ticket price exceeds the fixed limit, transportation costs may be co-financed by the relevant subdivision.

3. Tickets cannot be purchased directly by HSE and should be booked by a service provider, depending on the flights available for the given destination in the provider’s database. If your application has been approved by the Committee, please make sure that you provide travel details to coordinators at least six weeks before the starting date of the visit, including arrival/departure dates, final destinations, and a scanned copy of the visitor’s passport.

Remuneration (honorarium)

Remuneration shall be paid on the basis of the independent contractor agreement. The personal income tax at the rate of 30% shall be applicable (for non-residents). Contributions to social security funds payable at the rate of 27.1% must be also taken into consideration in the cost estimate.

Foreign citizens must obtain a valid work visa in order to sign an agreement. An invited specialist’s passport and bank details should be specified in the independent contractor agreement. Copies of his/her passport pages with bio-information and a Russian visa must be attached. International visitors must also submit an application for obtaining a personal insurance policy number (SNILS). An agreement with Russian citizens must include their passport details, account details with a Russian bank, and an INN (TIN) and SNILS. Copies of passport pages with the photograph and registration must also be attached. Agreement templates are available on the website of the HSE Legal Support Office. If you need more information on signing independent contractor agreements with international staff, please contact Marina Gracheva from the HR Office.

Accommodation costs

Accommodation at the HSE Faculty Guest House can be arranged at the expense of the relevant host subdivision. If the subdivision seeks the financing for accommodation costs, the required amount shall be calculated depending on the price of economy-class accommodation at other hotels.

Requested amount vs. the total cost of a visit

Please note that a requested amount refers to a sum requested by the relevant subdivision in an application, which has been submitted for the Committee’s review. The total budget for the visit should include the requested amount, as well as the co-financing provided from various sources. 

Requirements and recommendations on how to fill in the application form (as well as information in regards to the visit’s arrangements) are available  on the website of the HSE Office of Internationalisation.


Applications for short-term visits of international scholars supported by the Faculty’s Scientific Committee