HSE the Only Russian University in ARWU Global Ranking in Sociology, Political Sciences, and Economics

HSE has entered the ShanghaiRanking's Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) in four subjects and become the only Russian university in three of them (sociology, political sciences, and economics). HSE is among the world’s Top 75 universities in Sociology. This is the first time HSE has made it into the ARWU.

Students Experience Gateway to Diplomacy

Students Experience Gateway to Diplomacy
‘I find extracurricular activities and student engagement outside the classroom to be highly valuable to both students and schools. They provide a channel for reinforcing lessons learned in the classroom, offer students the opportunity to apply academic skills in a real-world context, and are thus part of a well-rounded education’.

Students Travel to India for Sustainable Development and Inclusive Policy Forum

Students Travel to India for Sustainable Development and Inclusive Policy Forum
The Global Youth Leadership Development Program provides a unique platform for global youth to gain a nuanced understanding of global affairs. The ultimate aim of the programme is to expose a diverse group of participants from around the world to the idea of leadership, which my fellow participants and I feel was successfully achieved during the pilot programme that was launched in India in March 2017 to meet the specific needs of the Global Youth Leaders.

Running a Comparative Empirical Programme in Social Research

Christian Fröhlich is Assistant Professor at the School of Sociology who has been at HSE since 2014. He also supervises an English-taught Master’s Programme ‘Comparative Social Research’. Christian Fröhlich has talked to HSE University bulletin, The HSE Look, about programme design, partnerships, and lessons learned from running the programme.

Professor Uwe Wagschal about Economy, Demography, Culture and Conflict

Professor Uwe Wagschal about Economy, Demography, Culture and Conflict
Professor Uwe Wagschal (University of Freiburg, Germany) visited HSE from 9 to 15 October and delivered three lectures on policy responses to the financial and economic crisis in the OECD countries, the diverse roads for reducing budget deficits in a number of the OECD countries, and the role of culture and demography in the emergence of political conflict.

Professor Boris Kapustin Joins our Programme

Dear colleagues, students and enrollees,  I am glad to inform you that our PEP team has become ever stronger thanks to its new member – professor Boris Kapustin who joined our PEP program after 20 years of teaching PPE-type program at the famous Yale University in New Haven, USA.   It is a great pleasure for me to introduce professor Kapustin and present his introductory video:  

Oleg Ananyin, academic supervisor of the PEP master program, National Research University “Higher School of Economics”

HSE and the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences cooperate in new EU-funded PhD fellowship program

BIGSSS–departs (doctoral education in partnerships) is a full-time international PhD program co-funded by the European Union. It provides close supervision of dissertation work in a demand-tailored education and research environment at the University of Bremen and Bremen’s Jacobs University.

Public Policy Programme – Ten Years and Growing

On June 24, as the entire world was reeling from the Brexit vote, the centre of Moscow saw another farewell taking place at HSE, albeit one considerably more festive in nature. This was the 10th anniversary of the Public Policy programme at HSE where 35 graduates received their diploma after two years of hard work to earn their coveted Master’s degree in Public Policy.

Learning about Sociology from a Global Perspective

Master’s programme in Comparative Social Research was launched in 2014 and has been rapidly developing since. Its Academic Supervisor Christian Fröhlich talks about what the programme offers the applicants and what makes it unique.

HSE Leads Russian Universities in Four QS Subject Rankings

HSE took first place among Russian universities in subject rankings for Sociology and Economics & Econometrics (101-150 globally). In Business & Management Studies and Accouting & Finance, HSE ranked first and is currently the only Russian university in the ranking, placing in the 151-200 group.