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Book chapter
'Repertoires of contention': examining concept, method, context and practice

Roy Chowdhury A.

In bk.: Handbook of Research Methods and Applications for Social Movements. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2024. Ch. 23. P. 321-335.

Working paper
Attitude of Russians to the topic of material well-being: analysis of comments in social media

Fabrykant M., Magun V., Милкова М. А.

SocArXiv. SocArXiv. SocArXiv, 2023


New Publication of Prof. Dr. Inna F. Deviatko!

We are pleased to announce that the Routledge Book “The Digital Divide: The Internet and Social Inequality in International Perspective” edited by Massimo Ragnedda and Glenn W. Muschert with the chapter of Prof. Dr. Inna F. Deviatko has now been published! Prof. Dr. Inna F. Deviatko, the scientific advisor of the “Web Survey Methodology” Research Group, has published the chapter about digital divide in Russia “Digitizing Russia: Uneven Pace of Progress toward Internet Access Equality”. Congratulations!

About the Center of Social Movement Theory

Pamela Oliver, Conway-Bascom Professor of Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, an expert on collective action, social movements, news coverage of protests, and racial disparities in criminal justice will give a talk "The Ethnic Dimensions: Bringing Ethnic Divisions and Conflict to the Center of Social Movement Theory" at the International Research Seminar in Sociology in the HSE on June, 5, 2013. She gave an interview to the HSE news service.

As Sociologists, We Have a Unique Perspective on the World

Shannon Davis, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology of George Mason University (USA) is visiting Moscow this week for the seminar ‘From the Great Recession to Greater Gender Equality? Family Mobility and the Intersection of Race, Class, and Gender’ organized by the HSE Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology. It took place on March 19.

XIV April Conference: Preliminary Programme

From April 2 – 5 the HSE, with the support of the World Bank and IMF will be holding the XIV April International Conference on Economic and Social Development. Andrey Yakovlev, deputy head of the committee, told us about the preliminary programme of the forum.

Embeddedness and beyond: do sociological theories meet economic realities?

Was released an October issue of "ESForum", dedicated to the international conference "Embeddedness and beyond: do sociological theories meet economic realities?", held at HSE 25-28 October 2012

Sociological Theories: a View on the Economy

From October 25th – 28th an international academic conference ‘Embeddedness and beyond: Do sociological theories meet economic realities?’ took place at the HSE. Here are some video interviews with conference participants.

Changing Europe Summer School: the Advantages of Interdisciplinary Approach

The 7th International ‘Changing Europe’ Summer School took place at the start of August in Moscow. The event was organized by the Higher School of Economics and the University of Bremen Research Centre for East European Studies.

HSE Experts have Become Members of a Council under the Russian Government

The list of members of the Expert Council under the RF Government has been approved. Its 200 members include staff from the Higher School of Economics.

Medvedev Rewards Strategy 2020 Experts

The Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, has awarded honours to some researchers from the Higher School of Economics for their work on the Strategy 2020 expert groups, including organization of the groups, the preparation of suggestions on topical issues for Russian socio-economic strategy up to 2020 and their personal input into the expert and analytical work

Cooperation with the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences

On March 13th, as part of the visit of a delegation from the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (France) (Ecole des autes études en sciences sociales, EHESS) to the NRU HSE, a cooperation agreement was signed between the two universities.