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Online Event Grants

Grants for participation in online events are provided during the pandemic, similar to travel grants for travel to scientific events.

The Online Event Grant covers the registration fee for participation.

Requirements for applications

  • Applications are accepted no later than 45 days before the start of the event. In case of trips across Russia, it is permissible to submit an application no later than 30 days before the start of the event. However, the Scientific Committee asks to submit applications as early as possible, since in some cases the decision-making procedure can take up to two months.
  • One grant application from one applicant per calendar year. In exceptional cases, by decision of the scientific commission, two applications may be supported: one application - for a conference in Russia, the other - for a conference abroad.
  • No more than five applications can be supported for one event. In exceptional cases, by the decision of the scientific commission, a larger number of applications for significant scientific events can be supported.

Application procedure

Applications are submitted electronically through the applicant's personal account on the HSE portal: Scientific services / Travel-grant.

In the case of presentation of a report in co-authorship, the application can be submitted only by one of the co-authors.

Application includes following documents as attachments:

  • The text of the report should be at least 2,500 words. The text should approximate a full-text article and include an introduction, a description of the problematic, a literature review, methodology, results and discussion. A report for poster presentations on cognitive psychology is also provided.
  • Preliminary program of the event.
  • An invitation or other document confirming the applicant's participation in the event with a report, if this is not reflected in the program.
  • Optionally: a document confirming the amount of the registration fee (payment receipt, letter from the organizers, information from the site, etc.).
The requested amount of funding is indicated in the application in rubles.

Upon submitting to the Scientific Committee, application is forwarded to the experts. The expertise takes no more than 10 (ten) working days.

After the examination, with a positive decision of the expert, the application is submitted to the vote of the Scientific Committee.

The Secretary of the Scientific Committee notifies the applicants about the decision of the Commission and provides an extract from the protocol for issuing an order.

Reimbursement of expenses for participation in the event

NOTE: The registration fee is refunded only after the event.

To receive a refund of the organizational fee, the following documents must be submitted to the Department of Accounting for Cash Transactions and Settlements with Accountable Persons:

  1. Payment documents and their translation into Russian. The translation can be made by the employee / student himself, certifying with his signature (for example: “The translation was made by II Ivanov, signature”).
  2. An extract from your bank confirming the payment. You can upload a pdf file from the personal account of the bank. Students are required to provide an extract with a "live" seal from the bank.
  3. Certificate of participation and its translation into Russian. In the event that a certificate is not provided, confirmation of participation may be emails from the organizers confirming participation in the event.
  4. Application for transfer (original): 

    Студенты - заявление на перечисление (DOC, 33 Кб) 

    Сотрудники - заявление на перечисление в ВТБ (DOC, 31 Кб) 

    Сотрудники - заявление на перечисление в Сбербанк (DOC, 31 Кб)

  5. For employees only: Original Advance Statement. There are no specially designed advance report forms, you may use templates for travel expenses. On the first sheet of the Advance Report, it is necessary to indicate information from the Order: source of funding, number and date. On the second - the subject of compensation, the number and date of the payment document, the amount (in rubles). For example, “Registration fee for participation in the online conference NAME (from the Order)”. For an example, see the Sample Travel Fill.