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2023 Fifth International Conference Neurotechnologies and Neurointerfaces (CNN), 18-20 september.2023

Корякина М. М., Агранович О. Е., Bermúdez-Margaretto B. et al.

IEEE, 2023.

Regionally specific cortical lateralization of abstract and concrete verb processing: Magnetic mismatch negativity study

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Neuropsychologia. 2024. Vol. 195. P. 1-14.

Book chapter
The Effect of Internet Shutdowns on Protest Activity in India: an Empirical Investigation

Evgeny Sedashov, Belenkov Vadim, Valeria Koncha.

In bk.: 16th International Conference Management of large-scale system development (MLSD). IEEE, 2023. P. 1-4.

Working paper
Stress Resilience (Proprioceptive and Verbal Individual Differences) in Onco-Patients, Sportsmen and Controls

Liutsko L., Malova Y., Vinokurova E. et al.

public health and health services. 20944. MDPI, 2023

The Qualities of a 'Healthy' Office and Their Connection to Employees' Psychological Well-being

*recommended age
Event ended
Speaker: Milada Vladimirovna Pavlova, Research Intern at the Laboratory for Salutogenic Environment Psychology
Moderator: Sofya Kimovna Nartova-Bochaver, PhD in Psychology, Professor, Head of the Laboratory for Salutogenic Environment Psychology

The seminar will explore the concept of the office as a physical space that creates affordances not only for enhancing work efficiency but also for maintaining the well-being and optimal functioning of employees. The office environment plays a key role in a professional's life, contributing to their career growth, professional and personal development, as well as their physical and mental state. The influence of office environment qualities on employees' subjective well-being, family microclimate, and organizational loyalty will be examined, with a particular focus on the absence of organizational cynicism.

The event will present principles for creating a 'healthy' office (salutogenic and biophilic design) and proprietary methods developed to assess employees' subjective perception of the office environment.

Our speaker will share new data on the impact of gender, age, and job position on the perception of the office environment's friendliness.