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Адрес: 101000, Москва,
ул. Мясницкая, д. 11.

8 (495) 772-95-90*12349

E-mail: jlezhnina@hse.ru

Руководитель Лежнина Юлия Павловна
Научный руководитель Чепуренко Александр Юльевич
Заместитель руководителя Стребков Денис Олегович
Заместитель руководителя Зангиева Ирина Казбековна
15 июня – 25 августа
Окончание приема заявок - 25 августа 
24 сентября – 15 октября
старт 24 сентября 2022 года 

Международный семинар департамента социологии

Осень 2016

Сентябрь 13 Monika Wohlrab-Sahr (Leipzig University)
“Multiple Secularities or: The Demarcation of Boundaries between Religion and its other”.

Весна 2016

Maй 31
Gabriel Abend (New York University)
“Multiple Secularities or: The Demarcation of Boundaries between Religion and its other;.

Июнь 7 Alexandra Poli (CNRS)
"L'espace des discriminations en France : expériences, luttes et formes de reconnaissance"

Talk organised in collaboration with the French-Russian Center in Moscow (Olessia Kirtchik) 

Июнь 14 
Candace Kruttschnitt (University of Toronto)
“Persistent Offenders: A Multi-method Approach to Understanding Why They Keep at It”

Осень 2015

Декабрь 15 Jérémie Gauthier (Interdisciplinary Research Institute in Social Science, Paris,Marc Bloch Center, Berlin) 
"The racialization of policing in France".
Talk organised in collaboration with the French-Russian Center in Moscow (Olessia Kirtchik)

Ноябрь 17 Barbara Lehmbruch (Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Uppsala University)
"Exploring the “Public” Side of the Public-Private Divide: Budget categories, informal practices and the institutional roots of post-Soviet Governmentality".

Октябрь 20 Olivier Clochard (CNRS, France)
“Regimes of migration control at European borders”.
Talk organised in collaboration with the French-Russian Center in Moscow (Olessia Kirtchik).

Сентябрь 29 Don Kalb (Central European University and Utrecht University)
“Theory from the East? Double Polarizations versus Democratic Transitions”.

Сентябрь 22 Svetlana Stephenson, Reader in Sociology at London Metropolitan University
“The Russian Bandit Gangs, their Moral Code and Practices of Violence” (joint seminar of the School of Sociology and School of Cultural Studies).

more seminars

Весна 2015

Maй 19 Alain Blum (Centre d’Études Franco- Russe (Moscow), INED and EHESS (Paris)
“Forgotten stories of deportees in the USSR - The multiple lives of a single individual“.

Июнь 9 Min Zee Kim (Ewha Womans University) “World Society and Liberalization of Abortion Policy since 1960”.

Июнь 16 Clara Portela (Singapore Management University)
“(In) effectiveness of sanctions”.

Июнь 23 Veronika Siegl (Institute of Social Anthropology at the University of Bern, Switzerland, and visiting researcher at the School of Sociology, HSE)
“Altruistic Pragmatism. Social understandings of surrogate motherhood in Russia”.

Осень 2014

Октябрь 8 Alya Guseva (Boston University)
“Generative Rules: The Struggle to Construct Markets for Credit Cards in Bulgaria, China, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam”.

Ноябрь 12 Jörg Wiegratz (University of Leeds)
“Follow the norm: the routinisation of fraud in neoliberal market societies”.

Весна 2014

Maй 14 Jennifer Flashman (University of Notre Dame)
“Friendship Dynamics, Academic Achievement, and Race: A Longitudinal Test of the 'Acting White' Hypothesis”.

Maй 21 Rogers Brubaker (University of California, Los Angeles)
“Nationalizing States Revisited”.

Июнь 4 Neli Demireva (University of Essex)
“Is Co-Ethnic Concentration a Barrier to the Successful Integration of Migrants and Minorities in Britain?”

Июнь 18 Salvatore Babones (University of Sydney)
“The Global Diffusion of Inequality Since 1970”.

Осень 2013

Oктябрь 16 Steven Hitlin (University of Iowa)
“A Semi-Theory of (Fundamental) Moral Sentiments.”

Ноябрь 13 Stephen Mennel (University College Dublin, Ireland)
“The American process of civilisation: a sceptical sketch”.

Ноябрь 14 Stephen Mennel (University College Dublin, Ireland)
Graduate Workshop: "Power, knowledge and civilisation: Norbert Elias's anti-Kantian sociology".

Ноябрь 20 Arye Rattner (University of Haifa, Israel)
“Trust and legitimacy in the legal System. A comparative Perspective”.

Декабрь 11 Nancy Folbre (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
"The Rise and Decline of Patriarchal Capitalism".

Весна 2013

Апрель 10 Delia Baldassarri (New York University)
“Cooperative Networks: Altruism, Group Solidarity, and Reciprocity in Ugandan Farmer Organizations”.

Aпрель 17 Daniel Alexandrov (HSE St. Petersburg)
“Networks in Classes: Anti-School Culture, Ethnicity and Grades in High School”.

Апрель 24 Judith Stepan-Norris (University of California, Irvine)
"The Rise and Fall of U.S. Unionism: The Role of Politics and Democracy".

Maй 15 Michael Biggs (University of Oxford)
“How Suicide Protest Entered the Repertoire of Contention”.

Maй 29 Oleg Poldin, Dilyara Valeeva and Maria Yudkevich (HSE Nizhny Novgorod / HSE Moscow)
"How Student Ties Make Peer Effects Work".

Июнь 5 Pamela Oliver (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
"The Ethnic Dimensions: Bringing Ethnic Divisions and Conflict to the Center of Social Movement Theory".

Осень 2012

Сентябрь 19 Mikhail Sokolov (EUSP)
"Gangs, Specialties, and World-Systems: Applications of the Social Network Analysis to Studies of Academic Life".

Сентябрь 26 Dieter Boegenhold (University Klagenfurt)
"Heterogeneity of Self-Employment and Occupational Transformations: Empirical Observations on Service Sector Shifts".

Oктябрь 10 Irina Denisova (NES)
"Preferences for Redistribution in Transition Countries".

Oктябрь 24 Jonathan Gershuny (University of Oxford)
"Time, Behaviour and Position: Connecting Social Circumstances With Daily Activity".

Ноябрь 21 Stanley Wasserman (Indiana University). TBA

Декабрь 5 Olessia Kirchik (HSE)
"Limits and Strategies for the Internationalization of Russian Economic Science: Sociological Interpretation of Bibliometric Data".

Декабрь 19 Tatiana Mikhailova (NES)
"Gulag, WWII, and the Long-Run Patterns of Soviet City Growth".