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Email: politfac@hse.ru

School Head Andrei Y. Melville
Deputy Head Igor B. Orlov
The Global Terrorism Narratives: Typology of the Islamic State's Media Propaganda

Issaev L., Shishkina A.

Journal of Globalization Studies. 2019. Vol. 11. No. 2. P. 113-125.

Book chapter
Latent Factors of Protest Participation: A Basic Computational Model

Akhremenko A. S., Yureskul E., Petrov A.

In bk.: 2019 Twelfth International Conference "Management of large-scale system development" (MLSD). M.: IEEE, 2019. P. 1-4.

Working paper

Sorokina A., Maximenkova M., Kasamara V.

Political Science. PS. Высшая школа экономики, 2019. No. 71.

Political Science Departmental Seminar Series

Organizers:Navid Hassanpour (nhassanpour@hse.ru)
Ilya Lokshin (ilokshin@hse.ru)
Address:3 Krivokolenny Pereulok, Room 3-209
Time:On select Thursdays, 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

  Autumn 2018


14 September 2018Prof. Anand Sokhey (University of Colorado)Reconsidering the Role of Politics in Leaving Religion: The Importance of Affiliation
Djupe Neiheisel Sokhey 2017-AJPS.pdf
17 September 2018Michael Freeden (University of London)Studying actual political thought: an alternative political theory
28 September 2018Prof. Joachim Zweynert (Universität Witten/Herdecke)Recent trends in Russian economic discourse
Zweynert: When Ideas Fail: Economic Thought, the Failure of Transition and the Rise of Institutional Instability in Post-Soviet Russia (preview).pdf
9 November 2018Prof. Mario Chacon (NYU Abu Dhabi)The Impact of War on the Quality of Local Governance
23 November 2018Dr. Stefan Dahlberg (University of Gothenburg)— The Quality of Government (QoG) Institute’s Database 2018
— Natural Language Processing for Measuring Quality of Governanc

  Spring 2018


16 March 2018
Carter JohnsonPartition and the Prevention of Ethnic War Recurrence: Cross National Evidence from 1945 to 2004
22 March 2018Navid Hassanpour
Strategic Distribution in Multiparty Systems
23 March 2018
Jan Matti DollbaumHow to keep it alive: Local institutionalization of the 'For Fair Elections' movement in the Russian regions
5 April 2018Staffan Lindberg (University of Gothenburg)Measuring Democracy
19 April 2018Navid Hassanpour (HSE)International Stature Does Not Concern the Russian Voter, Economic Issues Do: Evidence from a Survey Experiment, 2018 Russian Presidential Elections
Concerns for International Stature, Tendency for Redistribution and Decision to Turnout in Authoritarian Elections: A Survey Experiment from 2018 Russian Presidential Elections
17 May 2018Pedro Riera (University Carlos III of Madrid​)State Violence and Support for Secessionism: Evidence from an OECD Democracy
24 May 2018Olga Malinova (HSE)The repertoire of the usable past in Russia 2000-2017: presidential commemorative speeches
13 June 2018Gul Berna Ozcan (Royal Holloway, University of London)Political Connections, Privatisation and Governance: Evidence from Turkish Energy Markets
GBO Governance - privatisation.pptx

  Autumn 2017


2 November 2017Navid HassanpourVoting Together: Economic Adversity and Voter Turnout in Supervised Elections
16 November 2017Israel MarquesMarques, Schaffer. Institutional Quality and Social Policy Preferences: Experimental Evidence
23 November 2017Ekim ArbatliAgainst All Odds: Elite Strategies of Survival, Autocratic Reversal and Resilience in Turkey
30 November 2017Boris MakarenkoContemporary party systems and the challenge of populism
Makarenko – Populism and Political Institutions: a comparative perspective
7 December 2017Elena PanflilovaRole of Political Science in Development of Sustainable Anti-Corruption Policy
14 December 2017Ivan KochedykovTaxation and state-development in post-Soviet Moldova