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Baltic Practice Turns to the East

The Baltic Practice International Summer School, held by the HSE Public Policy Department, has celebrated its 15th anniversary. Its organizers and participants recently spoke about what’s most important for people to know about the Baltic Practice, and about why, after 15 years, the school is changing direction.

Sixth Summer School in Business Psychology

Sixth Summer School in Business Psychology
In August 2015, the Sixth Summer School on Business Psychology entitled ‘Factors and Conditions for Organizational Change’ took place in Alupka. 

Voronovo Research Center hosts II International Summer School on the Theory and Practice of Developing Tests in Psychology and Education

How can you learn to start reviewing tests critically? How do you make good tests? How can you analyze the results of a teacher's evaluation? These and other issues were covered in the summer school organized by the Center for Monitoring Education Quality at HSE Institute of Education.