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School Head Andrei Y. Melville

Deputy Head Igor B. Orlov

Заявки принимаются до 25 марта 
The Ideals of Global Sport: From Peace to Human Rights

Dubrovsky D., Creak S., Skinner R. et al.

Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2019.

Review of Nilsson (2018) French Populism and Discourses on Secularism

Alexander Alekseev.

Journal of Language and Politics. 2019.

Book chapter
“Shoulder to Shoulder Against Fascism”: Publics in Gezi Protests
In press

Arbatli E.

In bk.: Protest Publics. Toward a New Concept of Mass Civic Action. Switzerland: Springer, 2019. P. 33-47.

Working paper
Making Politics Attractive: Political Satire and Exposure to Political Information in New Media Environment in Russia

Chmel K., Savin N., Michael X. D. C.

Political Science. PS. Высшая школа экономики, 2018. No. WP BRP 63/PS/2018.

Ekim Arbatli will be awarded the prize of the NPSA

Her co-authored article titled “Elite Survival Strategies and Authoritarian Reversal in Turkey” (with O. Bayulgen and S. Canbolat) was selected to win the Polity Prize by Northeastern Political Science Association. Prize committee judged it to be the best research article published in Polity in 2018.

The authors try to understand what explains authoritarian reversal and resilience in hybrid regimes. The article derives hypotheses from an in-depth case analysis of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s rule in Turkey. In November 2017, Ekim Arbatli presented this results at the research seminar of the HSE School of Political Science.

Ekim Arbatli and coauthors are invited to attend the 2019 NPSA awards event in Philadelphia in November. The prize has been awarded annually since 2007.