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Moscow, 101000, Russia

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Remembering the Neoliberal Turn: Economic Change and Collective Memory in Eastern Europe after 1989

Gökarıksel S., Gontarska O., Hilmar T. et al.

L.: Routledge, 2023.

Book chapter
Coupvolution as a Mechanism of Regime Change in the Sahel
In press

Issaev L., Korotayev A., Файн Е. Д.

In bk.: Terrorism and Political Contention in North Africa and the Sahel Region. Springer, 2024.

Working paper
Artificial Intelligence and Security: Transformation and Consistency

Turobov A.

Basic research program. WP BRP. National Research University Higher School of Economics, 2022. No. WP BRP 88/PS/2022.

Model Tax Code for the CIS

On 27 November, the Federation Council hosted a round table discussion on Using the Model Tax Code for CIS Member States While Improving Russian Federation Legislation,organised by the Federation Council Committee on Budget and Financial Markets. In his report, Vladimir Tyutyurtyukov, Associate Professor at NRU HSE and one of the document’s authors, put forward a number of proposals for developing the Russian Tax Code, taking into account the new provisions for the CIS that the Model Tax Code has introduced.