Dean Talks about the Importance of Teaching Quality Assessment

Dear students!

From its very foundation, our University has paid special attention to the quality of teaching. Getting feedback on how you assess the studied courses and the work of your teachers is an important part of the quality evaluation. Administrators of academic programs need to understand how successful individual courses are, and if their syllabi should be modified. Teachers use evaluation results and recommendations to find out if the courses require adjustments.

The Teaching Quality Assessment has existed at HSE for many years already, but this year a new assessment procedure based on students’ feedback has been introduced. One of the main new features is that the assessment of teachers will be held not once in six months, as before, but after each module following completion of each course, while the impressions are still fresh. The procedure will become regular and mandatory for all HSE students.

You will have to fill in a special questionnaire in the LMS system and assess courses in which you have exams in this module. Please see Instructions on this page. It shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes for you to fill in the form.

Administrators of the faculty will appreciate your careful and responsible attitude to the questionnaire, as your participation will allow to better align the courses to your needs and interests. Please note that in accordance with the HSE Internal Regulations, students’ participation in the Teaching Quality Assessment is an integral part of the educational process.

Teaching Quality Assessment is one of the measures that allow students to express their opinions on the organization of the teaching process and suggest ways of improving or changing it.

We appreciate your feedback. We need your feedback.

Andrei Melville,
Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences