Authoritarian Rule and Legitimacy: Four Articles in Osteuropa Journal

A special issue of Osteuropa journal (Berlin) has been published, and four authors from the HSE Faculty of Social Sciences participated in it. The topic of the issue is ‘The People and its “I”: Authoritarian Rule and Legitimacy’.

The issue was prepared as a result of the conference ‘Legitimate Repression in Post-Soviet States?’, which took place in November 2013 at Viadrina European University in Frankfurt (Oder). The journals includes articles by Nikolay Petrov, Professor at the School of Political Science, Legitimacy, Repression, Collapse: Developmental Stages of the Putin Regime’; Boris Makarenko, Professor at the School of Political Science, ‘Repression Indolence: Political Culture and Authoritarian Rule in Russia’; Andrei Melville, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, ‘King of the Hill: Stability and Fragility of Post-Soviet Regimes’; and Valery Ledyaev, Professor at the School of Sociology, ‘Consensus, Manipulation, Violence, Force: The Continuum of Legitimacy Creation’.

Contents and summaries are available on the website of the journal.