From the Swinging Pendulum of Consumer Demand to the Evolution of the Wedding Feast

The winners of the competition for the best project describing aspects of the country’s cultural, economic, social and educational history over the last 25 years have been announced.

When people talk about the history of today’s Russia, the country that appeared after the fall of the Soviet Union, they almost always talk about political history. Attempts to look at other aspects of Russian society are much less common. Our university is almost the same age as this new, post-Soviet, Russia, and that’s why in May 2017, HSE announced a competition to find a project that can describe the cultural, social, and educational aspects of Russian history over the last 25 years.

The competition committee had a hard time choosing the winner. Nevertheless, they made their choice, and here are the winners.

The first place went to a team whose core is drawn from the HSE Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology. Their project ‘The swinging pendulum of consumer demand: 25 years of post-Soviet consumption history’ received the most points, and was awarded a grant of 250,000 roubles.

The team working on the project entitled ’25 years of Russian education in Ten Stories’ headed by Boris Startsev, Columnist at HSE News Service and lead editor at the Vestnik Obrazovania journal published by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, took second place and was also awarded a grant of 250,000 roubles.

The third place and a 150,000-rouble grant went to a team of philology students. Their project ‘Best-selling books in the post-Soviet period’, aims to identify and describe the country’s most popular books, including fiction, children’s books, and non-fiction.

The application that took fourth place has also received a grant of 150,000 roubles. The project ‘Evolution of the wedding feast’ was proposed by a team led by Valery Gordin, Head of the Laboratory of Cultural Economics at the St.Petersburg School of Economics and Management.

Congratulations to all the winners! We are looking forward to seeing the results of the implemented projects, including those that will be published on our anti-versary website.