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3 Krivokolenny Pereulok, Moscow, 103070.


8 (495) 772-95-90 *22833,

8 (495) 772-95-90 *22448

Fax: 8 (495) 772-95-90 *12556

Email: politfac@hse.ru

School Head Andrei Y. Melville
Deputy Head Igor B. Orlov

Research Group ‘Modernization and Mobilization in Eurasia’

We are working on data oriented studies of political participation and institutional transformation in China, Russia, Germany, Iran, Turkey and Japan, among other cases. Of special interest to us is the logic of participation in emerging electoral institutions on the side of voters, and corresponding strategizing on the size of the political parties. These interactions among the political elite and constituents encompass themes such as turnout dynamics, redistributive politics, new party entry and targeted public goods provision, in the historical and contemporary contexts.

Current Projects:

  1. Redistribution and Democratization: Evidence from 1990s Russia.
  2. State Capacity and the Logic of Anti-Corruption Campaign in China.
  3. Rise of Radical Parties in German Politics, Logic and Illustrations.
  4. Determinants of Voter Turnout in Contemporary Russia.
  5. Ethnic Divisions and Origins of Electoral Institutions in the Turkish/Ottoman State.


  1. Collective Voting in Post-2000 Russia.
  2. Targeted Public Goods Provision, Special Interest Politics: Case of AKP’s Turkey.
  3. Radical Party Entry and Exit: Russia 1905-17.
  4. Voter Turnout in Autocracies: Iranian Parliamentary Politics before 1979.


Navid Hassanpour

School of Political Science: Associate Professor
Email: nhassanpour@hse.ru


Student Members

Ena Redžić

Email: eredzic@hse.ru

Targeted Public Goods Provision, Special Interest Politics 
Artem Turenko

Email: arturenko@edu.hse.ru

Political Transformations of Russia and Germany circa 1920;
Electoral mobilization in Germany  
Anastasia Aleksieva

Email: asalekseeva_3@edu.hse.ru

Electoral Mobilization in Russia 

Gleb Golubkov

Email: gegolubkov@edu.hse.ru

Electoral Mobilization in Russia, Third party intervention

George Tarasenko

Email: gktarasenko@edu.hse.ru

Electoral Mobilization in Russia and Germany

Affiliated Members

Dominic Gohla

Hertie School of Governance
Email: gohla@hertie-school.org

Radical party emergence and electoral mobilization in Germany
Simon Wanka

Hertie School of Governance
Email: s.wanka@mia.hertie-school.org

Electoral mobilization in Germany
Rasmus Kriest

Bremen University
Email: rkriest@uni-bremen.de

Electoral mobilization in Germany

Previous Members

Previous Members (2017-2018):

Alexander Demin

Email: avdemin@edu.hse.ru

Privatization in 1990s Russia 
Anastasia Gergel

Email: aigergel@edu.hse.ru

Privatization in 1990s Russia 
Kirill Kazantsev

Email: kikazantsev@edu.hse.ru

Privatization in 1990s Russia  
Ekaterina Kologrivaya

Email: edkologrivaya@edu.hse.ru

Chinese Anti-Corruption Campaign 
Ilya Philipov

Email: ibfilippov@edu.hse.ru

Digital Politics and Ideology Estimation 
Sofia Piskunova

Email: sdpiskunova@edu.hse.ru

Political Participation and Socioeconomic Transformations in Japan 
Daria Vakhrusheva

Email: dovakhrusheva@edu.hse.ru

Electoral Participation in Contemporary Russia 
Rachel York

affiliated member
Email: rachel.york@sciencespo.fr

Origins of Electoral Politics in the Ottoman/Turkish Context 

Previous Members (2016-2017):

Natalia Dobrynina

Centre for Comprehensive European and International Studies (CCEIS), 4th year Bachelors student 
in "International Affairs" program

E-mail: natalyadobrynina25@gmail.com

Focus: China and Russia's Regional Political Economy, Russian Electoral Statistics

Elina Fazletdinova

2nd year Masters student
in "Applied Politics" program

E-mail: efazletdinova@gmail.com

Focus: Russia's Regional Political Economy, Authoritarian Politics, Resource Curse in regional context

Raphael (Lucas) Feinäugle

2nd year Masters student
in "Politics. Economics. Philosophy" program

E-mail: l.feinaeugle@gmail.com

Focus: Russia and Germany's Regional Political Economy, Study of Public Goods Provision & Quality of Regional Governance

Nicolas Miyares

2nd year Masters student
in "International Relations in Eurasia" program

E-mail: nickmiyares@gmail.com

Focus: Russia and China's Trade and Economic Policy 

Irina Rakhmankulova

4th year Bachelors student 
in "Political Science" program, "Political Analysis" track

E-mail: yarosskaya@gmail.com

Focus: Russia's Regional Political Economy, Research Methods and Data Analysis

Murad Sadygzade

4th year Bachelors student 
in "International Affairs" program

E-mail: sadygzade95@gmail.com

Focus: Turkey's Regional Political Economy and Contemporary Reforms/Transformations 

Nikolay Slobodchuk


E-mail: nickslobodchuk@gmail.com

Focus: Political economy of Institutions, Data processing and visualization large data sets in R, D3, JS, and Stata