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Адрес: 101000, Москва,
ул. Мясницкая, д. 11.

8 (495) 772-95-90*12447

E-mail: achepurenko@hse.ru




Чепуренко Александр Юльевич

 - Руководитель департамента


Стребков Денис Олегович 

 - Заместитель руководителя департамента по научной и кадровой работе


Зангиева Ирина Казбековна 

 - Заместитель руководителя департамента

Информационный бюллетень «Мониторинг экономики образования»

Гошин М. Е., Косарецкий С. Г.

Вып. 3 (123): Педагоги организаций дополнительного образования: изменения в условиях труда, профессиональном развитии и мотивациях. М.: Национальный исследовательский университет "Высшая школа экономики", 2018.

Comparing Finnish and Russian Work Life

Saari T., Sippola M., Melin H. et al.

Мир России: Социология, этнология. 2018. Vol. 27. No. 2. P. 90-108.

Глава в книге
Дифференциация социального капитала россиян и ее факторы

Куфлина Е. Д., Рощина Я. М.

В кн.: Вестник Российского мониторинга экономического положения и здоровья населения НИУ ВШЭ (RLMS‑HSE). Вып. 8. М.: Издательский дом НИУ ВШЭ, 2018. С. 113-135.

Presidential Elections 2018: The Struggle of Putin and Navalny for a Media Agenda

Kazun A. D., Semykina K.

Political Science. PS. Высшая школа экономики, 2018. No. WP BRP 62/PS/2018.

Assistant Professor in Sociology (multiple positions)

Мероприятие завершено

School of Sociology

Assistant Professor in Sociology (multiple positions)

Higher School of Economics
Moscow and Saint Petersburg*, Russia 


The School of Sociology of the Higher School of Economics in Moscow*, Russia invites applications for full-time, tenure-track positions of Assistant Professor in sociology. Knowledge of Russian is not required as teaching and research are both conducted in English, though working knowledge of Russian is an asset.


* Interested candidates may also be considered for positions in HSE campus in Saint Petersburg.


About HSE

The HSE is a young, dynamic, fast-growing Russian research university. Over the past twenty years, the HSE has become one of Russia's largest universities in the fields of economics, social sciences and humanities, and has earned the reputation of a national leader in higher education. One of its unique features has been its direct involvement in socioeconomic reforms in Russia, which has allowed HSE to develop as a “project and research university” where education, fundamental and applied research, and "think tank" activities are combined for the comprehensive development of society. Committed to high-quality research, HSE now has a considerable number of international research laboratories, led by eminent professors from all over the world; more such laboratories were opened in 2016.



Candidates must hold a recent Ph.D. in sociology before the starting date of the contract. The successful candidate is expected to conduct high-quality research confirmed by some papers (also in progress!)(to be) publishedin reputable peer-reviewed journals. The appointments will be made for three years in the first instance, starting in September 2017, with reviews of teaching and research during the third year. Specialists in all sub-fields of sociology are welcomed; however, experts in quantitative methods have a priority.


The salary is competitive, indexed to inflation annually, and subject to a 13% flat income tax. The university offers health insurance (free of charge), language assistance, and other social benefits; travel support and other research assistance are generous. Since we have heavy emphasis placed on high quality research, the teaching load of newly hired faculty is relatively low and service is minimal.


Application and Interviews

Please provide a CV, a statement of research interest, a recent research paper and at least  2 letters of reference via online application form

Position remains opened until filled. 

More information about the University, School of Sociology is available at the http://www.hse.ru/en,   https://social.hse.ru/en/soc/,   http://sh.spb.hse.ru/en/soc/ ,  https://social.hse.ru/en/soc/  

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