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Address: 101000, Moscow,
11 Myasnitskaya Ulitsa.

Phone: 8 (495) 772-95-90 *12447

Email: achepurenko@hse.ru

School Head Yulia P. Lezhnina
Scientfic supervisor Alexander Chepurenko
Deputy Head Denis Strebkov
Deputy Head Irina Zangieva
Just Transition for All: A Feminist Approach for the Coal Sector

Lahiri-Dutt K., Dowling S., Pasaribu D. et al.

The World Bank, 2022.

Culturalizing the Nation: A Quantitative Approach to the Russkii/Rossiiskii Semantic Space in Russia’s Political Discourse
In press

Laruelle M., Grek I., Davydov S. G.

Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization. 2022. No. 4. P. 1-20.

Book chapter
Beyond the state and digital platforms: (In)formalization of freelance contracting in Russia

Shevchuk A., Strebkov D.

In bk.: The Ambivalence of Power in the Twenty-First Century Economy: Cases from Russia and beyond. L.: UCL Press, 2022. Ch. 8. P. 146-170.

Working paper
Do Wages Grow with Experience? Deciphering the Russian Puzzle

Gimpelson V. E., Chernina E.

IZA Discussion Paper. IZA, 2022. No. 15068.

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Running a Comparative Empirical Programme in Social Research

Christian Fröhlich is Assistant Professor at the School of Sociology who has been at HSE since 2014. He also supervises an English-taught Master’s Programme ‘Comparative Social Research’. Christian Fröhlich has talked to HSE University bulletin, The HSE Look, about programme design, partnerships, and lessons learned from running the programme.