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Team members

Marie Arsalidou

Assistant Professor

My main research focuses on understanding neurocognitive mechanisms of development using behavioural and neuroimaging methods. I am interested in brain-behavioural functions in general and I have a special interest in hemispheric asymmetry. I am delighted to work with all the talented people in this laboratory on questions such as “How context and development affects how many items we can hold in mind?”, “How brain-behaviour relations change as a function of age?”, “How various cognitive processes are expressed in the brain”. We adopt a constructive developmental approach and are committed in contributing to basic knowledge and finding ways to translating research into education and clinical practice.

Alexey A. Kotov

Candidate of Sciences (PhD)

I conduct research in various fields of cognitive science, related to categorization and cognitive development. I explore concept formation and category learning with different forms of generalization: prototypes, examples, theories and rules. My research interests focused on comparison between early and late stages of categorization, the difficulties that people face at these stages and the means they use to resolve these difficulties, language and concepts development, social learning.

Ksenia Konopkina

MA student

I am pursuing a master degree in the programme “Cognitive sciences and technologies: from neuron to cognition”. My current research interest is mathematical problem-solving, which I will study using behavioural and neuroimaging methods. In addition, I am interested in studying developmental and neurodegenerative disorders.

Anastasiia Liashenko

MA student

I study Cognitive Sciences at HSE and I'm currently engaged in the field of working memory processes and differences in cognitive development. Neuroimaging techniques are also one of my passions.

Tamara Khagabanova

BA student

I am working towards a Bachelor Degree in Psychology. My interests lie in reading development and executive function, especially inhibition control and its role in learning processes.

Morteza Charkhabi

Research Fellow

I obtained my PhD in psychology from the University of Leuven, Belgium and the University of Verona, Italy. For my PhD I explored the extent to which an individual's cognitive appraisals of situational stressors can buffer or amplify the stress-health link. My current research interests are mainly focused on scale development, cognitive processes related to health and well-being, situational stressors, neuropsychological bases of stress, techno-stress, and personality-performance links. My favored studies are two-country cross-sectional, experimental, andlongitudinal studies plus meta-analysis.

Халезов Евгений Александрович

PhD student

My scientific interest focuses on cerebrovascular hemodynamics mainly as a physiological measure of individual differences in cognitive performance across development. I completed my Master’s Thesis on this topic.

Irina Matiulko

MA student

Under the scope of my interests are the problems of human consciousness, cognition, and emotions. Learning more about the phenomenon of mathematical cognition both in the framework of its development with age and finding the neural correlates responsible for number and math processing in adults can help to reveal the brain areas responsible for higher order cognitive functions. By investigating mood and mental disorders we may find the components of human consciousness, emotions and self-awareness. Another key to these problems - developmental neurobiology, lets us understand how the cognition is being formed throughout our life.
Sudorgina Yulia

Zherdeva Maria


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