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101000, Moscow, Myasnitskaya str., 20, room 524; 525; 526

Phone: +7 (495) 772 9590 *12238

E-mail: nbelyaeva@hse.ru

Nina Y. Belyaeva
The Department's Head Nina Y. Belyaeva
The Ideals of Global Sport: From Peace to Human Rights

Boykoff J., Brownell S., Burke R. et al.

Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2019.

Book chapter
Revisiting Wittfogel: “Hydraulic society” in colonial India and its post-colonial legacies in hydropower management

Roy Chowdhury A., Rajhans S. K.

In bk.: Theory, Policy, Practice: Development and Discontents in India. L.: Routledge, 2021. Ch. 6. P. 123-140.

Working paper
Covid-19 vaccine efficacy and Russian public support for anti-pandemic measures

Borisova E., Ivanov D.

BOFIT Discussion Papers. DP. Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition, 2021. No. 9.

9th ECPR General Conference - Call for papers, Section on Citizenship, Deadline - 31.01.2015


Research Committee on Public Policy and Governance of Russian Association of Political Science and Department of Public Policy at HSE welcome you to take part in 9th ECPR General Conference, University of Montreal, 26-29 August, 2015 in Section “Citizenship Education Politics and Civic Participation in Communities and Schools: Actors, Conflicts and Political Choices”that is organized by ECPR research committee “Citizenship”.


The Head of Department of Public Policy, Nina Belyaeva is a co-chair of this Section, where two sessions are announced:


1.      Creating Civic Learning Spaces: Citizenship Education in Unfavorable Social Environments. Chair: Nina Belyaeva, Professor of National Research University “Higher School of Economics”, Moscow (Russia), nina.belyaeva@gmail.com.


2.      The Role of Social and Moral Conflicts in Citizenship Education. Chair: Dmitry Zaytsev, Associate Professor of National Research University “Higher School of Economics”, Moscow (Russia), zaytsevdi2@gmail.com.


We invite you and your colleagues to take part in this important international forum for scholars and researchers in the sphere of political science and public policy. The Deadline for submission of applications is 31.01.2015. To submit your application, please, go to ECPR web-site.


More information is here.

Please, send a copy of your applications to the chairs of sessions directly, via e-mail.