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Political Geography

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Planning for the future of derelict farm premises: From abandonment to regeneration?

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Book chapter
Global Ethno-Political Trends and Their Impact on Xenophobia

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Working paper
Career Trajectories Of Regional Officials: Russia And China Before And After 2012
In press

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Tag "new at HSE" – News

‘Public Administration Is Impossible Outside of Real Politics’

‘Public Administration Is Impossible Outside of Real Politics’
In September 2019, the School of Political Science and the School of Public Administration at the Faculty of Social Sciences will merge into the School of Politics and Governance. The opening of the newly unified school will bring big changes to the structure and contents of educational programmes.

‘Consolidation Will Create New Opportunities for Research and Education’

Andrei Melville, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences
Andrei Melville, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, spoke with the HSE News Service about the merger of two schools and the outlook for political science at HSE University.