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E-mail: echeklina@hse.ru

Phone: +7 (495) 772 9590 *12487

101000, Moscow, Myasnitskaya str., 20, room 526;
101000, Moscow, Krivokolennyi pr., 3, room 326


Department Head — Nina Y. Belyaeva


Deputy Department Head
In Charge of Learning Process — Sergey A. Parkhomenko


Deputy Department Head
In Charge of HR & Dem. Gov. track and Student Developmental projects* — Sanjay K. Rajhans

*Internship, development projects, internationalization of the programme and other co-curricular activities


Book Review: Undervalued Dissent: Informal Worker’s Politics in India, by Manjusha Nair

Roy Chowdhury A.

Asian Journal of Social Science. 2018. Vol. 46. No. 4-5. P. 571-573.

Book chapter
Protest publics as democratic innovators in authoritarian environments
In print

Uldanov A., Алексеенков Ф. А., Давтян Т. А.

In bk.: Protest Publics: New Actors of Social Change and Civic Participation. Switzerland: Springer, 2018.

Working paper
Educational achievements of migrant schoolchildren in Moscow

Kamaev A., Tovar-García E. D.

SSOAR. 0168-ssoar-46748-7. Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences (GESIS), 2016

Oxfam Workshop on Violence against Women

On October 3rd and 4th Zorica Skakun, a Gender Coordinator for Oxfam GB in Yemen tasked to provide support and leadership to ensure women's rights, provided the two wokrshops on various aspects of violence against women for students of the programme "Political Analysis and Public Policy".

HSE Day For Everyone

On September 13, the annual HSE Day will take place in Gorky Park. This is an exciting event, open to people of all ages and backgrounds. Every year, the choice of activities becomes longer and longer. Find out here what’s on offer – there’s something for everyone.

Indonesian bachelors discussed the possibility of developing their research within the framework of the master's program "political analysis and public policy”

From July 23 to July 26, the Tenth International Symposium of the Alliance of Indonesian students studying abroad (OISAA) was held on the Moscow campus of the Higher School of Economics. Experts and students from Russia and Southeast Asia gathered to discuss the role of young Indonesian people in the development of the Republic.

Seize the moment

"Extracurricular student exercises and engagement outside the classroom I find profoundly profitable to both the institution and student. I have been a product of this from the dawn of studying here at the Higer School of Economics (HSE). Giving me the chance to take on significant responsibility for creating internship opportunity. This provided me with a depth of practical experience I would not have gained in the university" - by Etikini Rukevwe Claret, second-year student, about her internship opportunities during the study.

The Policy Visions of the Present Indian Government and the Regional Political Institutions

As part of the Global Political Economy course, on the 5th of April Mr. Nandan Unnikrisnan the Vice President of the Observer Research Foundation in India was invited to deliver a lecture on emergence of India in the global arena, the economic challenges India faces with development and how those challenges are reflected in the making of India's foreign policy

What shall be the policy tools to counter the mayhem of Xenophobia: Deliberating on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination at Public Policy Department

International Day for the Elimination of Racial discrimination observed worldwide on 21st March every year with the sole aim to combat racial discrimination and promote unity.
The students chamber of the Department of Public Policy on the 4th of April 2018, organized a symposium on theme: Promoting tolerance and respect for diversity in the spirit of ending racial discrimination and xenophobia. The symposium was attended by, students and lecturers. The symposium was conducted as an integral part of the course in our Master’s program Human Rights in non-western Societies.

National Laws and the Global Economy: Role of The World Bank in the Promotion of Legal Reforms

The Department of Public Policy on 23rd March 2018, organized a public lecture on 'National laws and the Global Economy: Role of The World Bank' in the promotion of legal Reforms delivered by the Rector of University of Turin, Professor Gianmaria Ajani. The lecture was held in the framework of the series of the Public lectures and discussions  in the Global Political Economy course

Women’s day through the prism of Public Policy

On the 7th of March, student chamber of the public policy department together with teachers and students of the 'Human rights' minor organized an event to raise awareness about women's’ rights.

Students visited the United Nations office in Russia

February 16, Master’s students visited the United Nations office in Russia where they had a chance to get familiar with the activities of various UN agencies. In their presentations, representatives of UNDP, UN Information Centre, FAO, and UNAIDS covered the topics, such as the organisational structure of the agencies, previous and current projects in both Russia and abroad, and internship and job opportunities. The presentations were followed by Q&A sessions where the participants raised questions about the agencies’ perspectives on various issues and challenges

Educational Experience in Russia

Matthew Boadi-Ampong from Ghana is a first-year student of Master’s programme in Political Analysis and Public Policy. He has shared his impressions of studying at HSE and living in Russia.
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