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School Head Andrey Klimenko
Academic Supervisor Alexey G. Barabashev
Deputy Department Head Vadim N. Prokofiev
Industry 4.0: Industrial Revolution of the 21st Century

Edited by: E. G. Popkova, J. V. Ragulina, A. V. Bogoviz.

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Russian Federation Cross-Border Investments and Bank Expansion

Afanasyev M. P., Shash N.

Public Administration Issues. 2019. No. 6. P. 105-120.

Book chapter
Embracing Artificial Intelligence and Digital Personnel to Create High-Performance Jobs in the Cyber Economy

Lobova S. V., Bogoviz A. V.

In bk.: The Cyber Economy. Opportunities and Challenges for Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Workplace. Switzerland: Springer Publishing Company, 2019. P. 169-174.

Working paper
Public Service Motivation as a Predictor of Altruism, Dishonesty, and Corruption

Gans-Morse J., Kalgin A., Klimenko A. et al.

Working Paper Series . WP-19-16. Northwestern Institute for Policy Research, 2019

Conference in Budapest

On October 15-16, an international conference ‘Public Service Innovation and the Delivery of Effective Public Services’ was held in Budapest. The event was organized by the National University of Public Service (Hungary) and the University of Edinburgh (Great Britain). S. Osborne and R. Carmen, two  scholars renowned for their innovations in public administration, also took part in the event.  

Conference in Budapest

The following lecturers at HSE School of Public Administration participated in the conference: Alexey Barabashev, Academic Supervisor of the School of Public Administration, Natalia Ivanova, Professor at the Department of Organization Theory, Valeriya Utkina, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Public and Local Service, Assistant Professors Jesse Campbell and Tim Jaekel, and  Ilya Akishin, Expert at the Institute for Public Administration and Municipal Management.

Alexey Barabashev spoke on the introduction of performance evaluation in regional governments with regard to the requirements of the Federal law ‘On strategic planning in the Russian Federation’.

Ilya Akishin analyzed the best practices of local governments and methods of data collection for performance evaluation.

Jesse Campbell assessed the impact of motivations on the effectiveness of government services. His research is based on the experience of the South Korean government.

Tim Jaekel examined the sectoral performance through the example of the municipalities of Sweden.

Natalia Ivanova analyzed the relationship between social identity and the improvement in the quality of public services.

During the conference the representatives also discussed student exchange programmes between HSE and the National University of Public Service.