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Travel Grants (Academic Mobility)

Application procedure

The following applicants may apply for travel grants endorsed by the Scientific Committee:

  • Full-time faculty members of the Faculty of Social Sciences, including the faculty dean, whose primary place of employment is HSE. HSE staff hired through international recruitment procedures are NOT eligible to take part in this programme (refer to https://ifaculty.hse.ru/research_fund);
  • Full-time students of the Faculty of Social Sciences (including undergrads, Master’s and doctoral students).

Other applications should be referred to the Research Fund.

Please submit your travel grant application online via your personal account on HSE’s corporate website (portal). If you are a HSE student and do not have a personal account, please submit a request and specify that you are planning to apply for a travel grant. Your travel grant application must include the following:

  • the full text of your academic report/presentation (at least 2,500 words);
  • The provisional programme of the conference.

The following rules were adopted by the Scientific Committee in 2016:

  • A travel grant application must include:

– the full text of the academic report/presentation (at least 2,500 words): the report must be the equivalent to a full-text article and a feature introduction, with a description of the key issues, a literary review, a description of the methodology, outcomes and arguments;
– the provisional programme of the conference.

  • For co-authored presentations, only one co-author may apply for a travel grant;
  • Please make sure that you apply no later than 30 days before the starting date of your travel,otherwise your application will not be reviewed (the Scientific Committee welcomes early applications, because, in certain cases, the decision-making process may take up to two months);
  • Funding limits for travel grants:
    – Europe – 65,000 roubles;
    – Asia, North America, Australia, Africa, Latin America – 75,000 roubles;
    – Russia and CIS countries – 30,000 roubles;
    – Turkey, Israel – 50,000 roubles.

For your information:
— Limits on reimbursable accommodation expenses incurred during international business trips
— Per diem for international business trips

  • For poster presentations, only conferences on Cognitive Psychology are eligible (you should also prepare a report with at least 2,500 words);
  • Only one application for a travel grant submitted by the same applicant may receive support in a given calendar year (two applications can be supported on an exceptional basis, at the discretion of the Scientific Committee: one application – to attend a conference in Russia, and another – to attend an international conference);
  • Up to five applications per academic event may receive support (further applications for subsequent academic events may be granted at the discretion of the Scientific Committee);
  • Business trip assignments must be signed by Andrei Melville, the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Business trip documentation

Please make sure you prepare all your business trip documents in Russian. Please also contact your designated manager for further details.

Please note! Your travel expenses will be reimbursed upon your return from the conference.

News story

All recipients of travel grants must prepare a report describing the conference outcomes (accompanied by photographs), which will be posted on the website of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Please make sure to make your story is engaging so that your colleagues who were unable to attend will enjoy it.

Please, submit your report-news story to nvinnik@hse.ru within one week after the completion of your business trip.


Within one week after the completion of your business trip, please make sure you submit an academic report (in the form of presentation) to ekolesnyova@hse.ru.

If no report or presentation has been submitted, the Scientific Committee will not review your subsequent travel grant applications.


Staff of the HSE Faculty of Social Sciences who have received a travel grant to take part in academic events as awarded by the Faculty’s Scientific Committee