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Travel Grants (Academic Mobility)

The Scientific Committee of the FSS provides financial support for participation in scientific events (travel grants).

Travel grants are allocated for trips to scientific events held in the Russian Federation, the CIS countries and abroad, organized by organizations external to the Higher School of Economics or in which the Higher School of Economics is a co-organizer of the event without its funding. Also, during the pandemic, funding is allocated to pay organizational fees in scientific events held online.

Financing of travel grants of the Scientific Commission of the Federal Tax Service is regulated by the Rules for making decisions on financing the participation of employees, graduate students and students of the National Research University Higher School of Economics in scientific events, as well as additions to the Regulations, recorded in the Protocol of the meeting of the Scientific Commission No. 2.6-10 / 250522- 9 from 25.05.2022.

Регламент поддержки тревел-грантов НИУ ВШЭ (DOCX, 33 Кб) 

Дополнения к Регламенту НК ФСН (DOCX, 23 Кб)

Conditions for the provision of funding by the Scientific Committee of the FSS

Categories of applicants who can submit applications to the FSS Scientific Committee:

  • faculty of the Faculty of Social Sciences, including the dean, employed full-time
  • full-time students, undergraduates and postgraduates of the Faculty of Social Sciences, studying in state-funded places

The rest of the categories of applicants apply to the Science Foundation.

Scientific events include: conference, congress, symposium, scientific seminar (workshop), student conference, summer school, school of "young scientists", organized by organizations external to NRU HSE, or in which NRU HSE is a co-organizer of the event without funding.

Participation in scientific events is understood as a face-to-face presentation with a report or poster. You can apply for a poster presentation only at conferences in the field of cognitive psychology.

Speeches at foreign conferences must be in English or another foreign language adopted at the conference, even if Russian is among the official languages ​​of the conference.

The materials related to the speech (presentation, poster, publications) must indicate the affiliation of the employee or student/postgraduate student with the Faculty of Social Sciences of the National Research University Higher School of Economics or its structural / associated subdivision. If the report is based on an article published or accepted for publication, then the affiliation must be indicated in the article, and not just in the presentation.

In case of presentation of the report in co-authorship, the application can be submitted only by one of the applicants by mutual agreement.

Applications can be submitted throughout the calendar year. The Commission may support one grant application from one applicant per calendar year (in exceptional cases, one for a trip abroad and one for a trip in Russia, or one for a trip and one for an online event). In the case of filing several applications at the same time, the priority of applications should be indicated. No more than five applications can be supported per event. In exceptional cases, by decision of the scientific committee, a larger number of applications for significant scientific events may be supported.

Applications must be submitted no later than 45 days before the start of the event. For events held in Russia or online, it is acceptable (but not recommended) to submit no later than 30 days before the start of the event. We also recommend taking into account the terms of organizational fees. The application process can take up to several weeks.

Application and reimbursement procedure

Applications are submitted electronically through the applicant's personal account on the HSE portal. Students and graduate students can create a personal account by writing a request for its creation in order to send an application for a travel grant (see Accessing your personal account).

Application includes following documents as attachments:

  • The text of the report should be at least 2,500 words. The text should approximate a full-text article and include an introduction, a description of the problematic, a literature review, methodology, results and discussion. A report for poster presentations on cognitive psychology is also provided.
  • Preliminary program of the event.
  • An invitation or other document confirming the applicant's participation in the event with a report, if this is not reflected in the program.
The application contains the amount in rubles, calculated approximately at the current dollar rate.

The requested amount of funding should not exceed:


Limit in rubles


40 000

CIS countries

45 000


80 000

Turkey and Israel

60 000

Asia (except for Turkey and Israel)

100 000

USA and Canada

100 000


100 000


85 000 

Limit rates for reimbursement of housing rental expenses on business trips:

Предельные нормы возмещения расходов по найму жилья в загранкомандировках (DOC, 107 Кб)

Daily allowance. Students are not eligible to daily allowance and should not include it in their application.
For employees of HSE daily allowance has to be included. The daily allowance is calculated for all days of the trip, including the day of departure and the day of arrival.

Daily allowance for trips across Russia - 700 rubles a day.

Daily allowance for trips abroad is calculated depending on the country:

Размер суточных в загранкомандировках (DOCX, 25 Кб)

If daily allowance is not not paid from the funds of the scientific commission, this should be reflected in an additional service note with the visa of the curator of the alternative source of funds.

Upon submitting to the Scientific Committee, application is forwarded to the experts. The expertise takes no more than 10 (ten) working days.

After the examination, with a positive decision of the expert, the application is submitted to the vote of the Scientific Committee.

The Secretary of the Scientific Committee notifies the applicants about the decision of the Commission and provides an extract from the protocol for issuing an order.


Attention! Expenses for participation in the event, including the registration fee, are reimbursed only after the event.

To receive a refund of the registration fee, after the event, contact the Secretary of the Scientific Commission with documents confirming participation in the event and documents confirming expenses for issuing an order. After the issuance of the order, the following documents must be submitted to the Department for Accounting for Cash Transactions and Settlements with Accountable Persons:

1. Payment documents and their translation into Russian. The translation can be done by the employee/student himself, certifying with his signature (for example: “The translation was made by I.I. Ivanov, signature”).

2. Bank statement confirming payment. You can download a pdf file from your personal bank account. Students must provide an extract with a "live" seal from the bank.

3. Certificate of participation and its translation into Russian. In the event that a certificate is not provided, confirmation of participation may be emails from the organizers confirming participation in the event.

4. Application for transfer of funds (original):
Студенты - заявление на перечисление (DOC, 33 Кб)
Сотрудники - заявление на перечисление в ВТБ  (DOC, 31 Кб)  
Сотрудники - заявление на перечисление в Сбербанк (DOC, 31 Кб)

5. Only for employees: Original Advance Statement. There are no specially designed advance report forms, so templates for travel expenses are used. On the first sheet of the Expense Report, it is necessary to indicate the information from the Order: source of funding, number and date. On the second - the subject of compensation, the number and date of the payment document, the amount (in rubles). For example, "Registration fee for participation in the online conference NAME (from the Order)". For an example, see the business trip sample.

To receive a refund of travel expenses, students follow the procedure above. 

Employees apply to business trip reimbursement according to the general procedure. An extract from the protocol is provided by the secretary of the Scientific Commission.

Detailed instructions for booking a business trip can be found on the Human Resources website.


Required: participation information

Within two weeks after the end of the event, it is necessary to provide information about participation in a scientific event in any form, as well as files of a presentation, article and / or report to the secretary of the Scientific Committee. In the event that information on participation has not been provided, the Scientific Committee will not be able to accept for consideration subsequent applications for travel grants from this applicant.

Optional but recommended: report

We ask all those who have received a travel grant to prepare a report on the results of the conference (with photos) for the website of the Faculty of Social Sciences. The main requirement for the texts is that it is interesting to read them to your colleagues who were not lucky enough to travel with you. Please send reports with photos to Asya Khodyreva within two weeks after the end of the trip. 

Examples of good reporting:


Employees of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Higher School of Economics who received support for participation in scientific events