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Mini-course on "Mental-Attentional Capacity Assessment in Children"

*recommended age

The Neuropsy Lab at the Department of Psychology invites students to an online mini-course on "Mental-Attentional Capacity Assessment in Children".
Participation is Free
Language: English

Course Overview

This online course is designed to train students to provide effective cognitive assessment services for children and adolescents primarily online, in schools and other settings. This first part of the course will focus on mental-attentional capacity assessments. It will cover historical, theoretical background on cognitive assessments and standard normative performance across development. The second part of the course will focus on ability to administer tests online or in person.

By completing this course students will demonstrate:

1. Understanding of historical and current methods of intelligence testing;
2. Understanding of theoretical foundation of mental-attentional capacity;
3. Initial knowledge of testing in school settings;
4. Initial knowledge for ethical issues related to cognitive assessment, test bias and multicultural issues;
5. Experience in administration of classic and computer-based measures of mental-attentional capacity;
6. Knowledge of general rules for administration and scoring;
7. Initial understanding of mental-attentional capacity score evaluation.

Place: Zoom Platform
Course is limited to 30 participants. Material and zoom links will be send to those who register.

Please, register here:


Certificate: A certificate for successful course completion will be provided. The final grade for the course is formed by the formula:

(0.3c + 0.1e + 0.1 p1 + 0.1p2 + 0.2d + 0.2f)

c = Class attendance - grade for actively participating in online seminars
e = Ethics course - Certificate of Completed Online Course in Research Ethics
p1 = Practice 1 - Assessment for carrying out the CMT technique during practical exercises
p2 = Practice 2 - Assessment for conducting PMT during practice sessions
d = Data collection practice - score for self-collecting data using learned techniques
f = Final exam - grade for the final exam


A pre-recorded lecture will be available starting from October 18
Day 1: October 22, Friday. Online Seminars. 
19:00-20:00 MSK: History and Theory discussion; Testing in School settings I.
20:00-21:00 MSK: Parametric Math task (PMT).
Day 2: October 25, Monday. Online ethics course.
Day 3: October 29, Friday. Online Seminars. 
19:00-21:00 MSK: Online practice session I.
Day 4: October 30, Saturday. Online Seminars.  19:00-21:00 MSK: Online practice session II.
Day 5: November 1, Monday. Exam. 
19:00-20:00 MSK.
Day 6: November 10, Wednesday. Data collection practice. 

If you have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact us:

Professor – Marie Arsalidou, PhD: marie.arsalidou@gmail.com
Course Instructor – Asya Istomina: avistomina@edu.hse.ru
Course Instructor – Maria Zherdeva: mpzherdeva@gmail.com
Course Instructor – Maria Nosyreva: mnosyreva@hse.ru

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