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Laboratory for the Neurobiological Foundations of Cognitive Development

Teachers under stress during the COVID-19 pandemic: analysis of a successful case In press

Petrakova A., Kanonire T., Куликова (Пономарева) А. А. et al.

Вестник МГПУ (Российская Федерация). 2021.

Book chapter
Parietal alpha oscillations associated with working memory may reflect cognitive effort modulations

Zhozhikashvili N., Zakharov I., Ismatullina V. et al.

In bk.: NeNa Conference 2021 Neurowissenschaftliche Nachwuchskonferenz (Conference of Junior Neuroscientists) October 7, 2021 Tübingen. 2021. Ch. 9. P. 10-10.

Neuropsy Lab explores how cognitive abilities improve in children during their maturation, and which neurobiological constructs determine individual differences in their development. To find answers to these questions, we use classic and contemporary measures of mental-attentional capacity in conjunction with cutting edge physiological and neuroimaging technologies such as ultrasound, eye-tracking and magnetic resonance imaging.

Cognitive abilities are the higher brain functions allowing us to perceive, filter, memorize, process and restore information. These abilities correspond to mental actions we take to solve problems and acquire knowledge in everyday life. Cognitive processes improve throughout childhood and adolescence and they are highly linked to academic achievement and professional success.

Mental-attentional capacity is one of core cognitive abilities, it is defined as a component of working memory, which improve in children during their maturation and corresponds to the amount of information that a person can simultaneously hold and process in his/her mind.


Mini-course: "MRI Safety"

The Neuropsy Lab at the Department of Psychology invites students to an online mini-course on "MRI Safety".
Participation is Free
Language: English

Scientific seminar for schoolers “Psychology and neuroscience”

Annotation: Last Sunday (19.09) we held a seminar for school children. Members of Neuropsy Lab gave young visitors lectures about various brain studies and their application in psychology.

Open lecture: “What neural connections can tell us about brain development?"

HSE Open Lectures holds public talks with young scientists. The September lectures are dedicated to cognitive neurosciences. Our colleague, Andrei Faber, will talk about formation of  neural connections and their role in the development of intellectual abilities. The lecture will be held on September 28, 19:30 as a part of the HSE project "University Open to the City".

New research direction in the laboratory as part of the Project Group Competition

Laboratory members received support for research on "The development of types of imagination in preschool children: cognitive and ontogenetic mechanisms".

Researchers of Neuropsy Lab took part at the virtual Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society

Our Laboratory staff together with colleagues from HSE (Saint Petersburg) and University of California, Irvine, spoke at the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, 27-29 July 2021.

Researchers of Neuropsy Lab gave lectures as a part of the educational module "Cognitive Research Methods" at NTU Sirius, Sochi

On the 10 of July Neuropsy Lab members Arsalidou Marie, Yulia Sudorgina, Valentina Bachurina, Andrey Faber, Maria Zherdeva as well as Roman Tikhonov (HSE, St. Petersburg) gave lectures to the students of the module "Methods of Cognitive Research" as a part of the educational module at NTU Sirius.

Researchers of Neuropsy Lab addressed the Conference «Cognitive Science in Moscow: New Research»

The Sixth Conference «Cognitive Science in Moscow: New Research» was held in June, 23-24.

Scientific Questrom for children in Neuropsy Lab made by the University for Children (the Polytechnic Museum)

During the visit to our laboratory children were introduced to cognitive development studies and participated in the Quest.

Winning the contest Think Cognitive Think Science (TCTS-2021)

Congratulations to fellow researcher Zherdeva Maria on participation and winning the TCTS-2021 contest in the nomination «Best scientific tutorials (MILNER)».

Marie Arsalidou visited the «Sirius» Lyceum with a lecture about Brain and Mathematics

For the first time this year, Neuropsy Lab held an open lecture on the brain in an offline format. Marie Arsalidou and her colleagues payed a visit to the «Sirius» Lyceum located in Sochi. Additionally, the lecture was simultaneously broadcasted online via Zoom and was available to the audience from all over the country.

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